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All user reviews for the Yamaha AES820

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
 1 user review20 %
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MGR/Stantononline's review"Yamaha AES 820"

Yamaha AES820
Piano black, perfect finish, retrocool with high-tec features. Not just a guitar but an instrument!
I've played blues to metal for the past 23 years and with this guitar you can pretty much get 'em all. I play through a 5150 signature. No effects.

I first played this guitar in my local guitar shop in about 2002. It was a D-6 but I wanted a normal scaling. That day I bought a Fenix Telecaster (pre-lawsuit, see reviews on Harmony Central). Still have it and beats most Fenders. However through the years the AES820 linguered in my mind and in 2006 I bought one new from a music shop through mailorder. I played it for about 2 months and then I had to sell it because I really needed the money. I sold it to a guy who wanted to learn how to play. The moment I put it on the mail I knew I was going to be sorry. And I was! For the next two years I frequently searched the internet for another but NEVER encountered one. Until december '08. I looked for Sperzel tuners to put on my Fenix and there it was...the same AES820 I sold to this guy. I immediately put a bid out and emailed him that I was the guy who sold him the guitar 2 years before. He accepted and I finally had my AES820 back. I will never sell it again, in fact, I'm going to try to buy more!!

Looks good, plays good, sounds good. Like I said, it's an instrument. Everthing is well thought-through and well built. My experience over the years is that, no matter what Yamaha makes, (from mopeds to saxophones), they make well. This guitar is even above that.

Why in the name of Zues's BUTTHOLE (thanx Nicholas) doesn't it come standard with a hardcase!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Just play it and find out why it's so great.

So happy to have it back. Can't stop playing it.

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MGR/Jarod's review"Yamaha AES 820"

Yamaha AES820
I got this unit from Music Park (A guitar store who a friend of my dad owns)

This was a great guitar the sound is awesome and the pickup on it is amazing and i really have had no problems with it!

The fact that it only comes in about 3 colors

The Guitar Is of the best quality and i give my congratulations to the yamaha team for the excellent job they did in designing it. - It plays like a dream.

This was the best guitar i have ever played it even beats my maton 30 year old acoustic even thought it doesnt have the rich acoustic sound.

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MGR/Clint's review"Yamaha AES 820"

Yamaha AES820
I won this guitar directly from Yamaha in their "Beyond Tone" sweepstakes.

It plays like a dream. The action is nice and low.
I like the fact that you can split the coils on the humber dimarzios without picking up a lot of hum.

The only thing that I was disapointed in was that it only comes in three colors.

This guitar is really well built. It has a solid feel, but not too heavy. The finish is beutiful. The hardware is very solid and tight. The pickups sound great.

I would recommend this guitar to anyone. I seem to get what ever type of sound that I need. I will be playing this one for a long time. It is definately in the leauge with Les Paus and Strats. Check one out for yourself!

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Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES820
Manufacturer: Japan
Manufacturing: Core
Body: Solid Alder (2 pices), string through-
Finish: Black opaque
Channel: 22 boxes (for the normal 24 to Drop 6) screwed.
Pickups: 2 humbuckers DiMarzio Custom
Bridge: Tune O Matic standard
Mcaniques: Sperzel Autoblock (capture of rope)
Knobs: 2 volume knobs, slecteur rotary switch 3 position single, double, reverse polaritbr /> Slecteur: 3 positions
Price Provider 2004 (Switzerland): CHF 1'250 .00

[6] The varnish is arbitrary and it is a shame because if its plumage relates his warbling, the body must be superb. I regret the absence of a knob of Tone.


The handle is comfortable and well finished, but requires an extreme application for the bars. The plaage of the fingers is of utmost importance on this guitar and do Tolra fault. opportunities rglages can well adapt the guitar his gambling Access in acute ais is simpler than the average, the heel is finished contributes the right note in this exercise. The weight is reasonable and chamfers make use extends enjoyable. BIG UP at the Russian quilibrage quite all.

Now we come to points less commendable. First, the jack has a tendency to dvisser not that he has been authorized to do so. This is not dramatic in private, but in concert, you may find yourself dumb. CONTRL this before your concerts. Deuxime particular point, the handle ... some form ncessite radaptation. Indeed, its surface is quite large and require strings to be perfectly fret if you do not want to get a zzzzzzzziiiiiingage Drang. The guitar does not fully RULES! And my big manquo opinion ... when you get the volume of the microphones up ... you cut the second of the same shot. Another fault Yamaha: the nut, which tends to retain the ropes and suddenly release it. This ESG much tuning.

[3] trs not flattering to a MODEL that wants us to pay more than 800.00 Euros


One can obtain a range of diverse sounds trs. Volumes influence the overall tonality of the guitar (hopefully). This allows to compensate (partially) the absence of a Tone SETTING THE ddi.

By clean, we rjouit of the guitar sounds nice and trs is the one of its strengths (it is way above the market average in that discipline). The sounds are warm and round doubles while cleans up leaves a high gloss and clarity of an avalanche. In crunch, the sound of the double coils trs is warm and round, some even felt, which is surprising, but the amount of volume we get a double of his more aggressive. I found for myself that these microphones have a lightweight lack of output level. Splits into single-coil, we obtain a more convaicante attack, a higher output level and overall sound more nervous, more biting, my prfr my opinion.

The DiMarzio is well dbrouillent tuning down and remain well with an attack Defines correct.

The definition is overall good to excellent in all areas.

[8] the sound could be more aggressive in "double" and the guitar in it even could have a little more than sitting in the sound, but its sound CHARACTERISTICS remain high.


I lied in the past on my purchase. Prtext I have had her hand. In fact, I was almost ashamed to have this done m'tre. The new price is a scam 2nd CATEGORY. I have for over a year and can say she had no problem running pure. But the default highest deficits are unacceptable for an instrument that is intended as a competitor in the high end.

This scraper is a companion for idalie mtalleux and rockers seeking new sounds with a powerful inimitable signature. Without abandoning the clean. But an amp demandra conscquence (with an avalanche gain) to speak properly.

If I can give advice in hindsight. A model Privilgiez Drop 6. Indeed, it possde a longer pitch and sounds are deeper and balance. You can always give the standard APRS.

[3] The overall score is suffering from bad report qualitprix default and use. The new AES al possdent handle and mahogany body. Espron that Yamaha has done his homework.

Note [5] quivaut the average home

PS My apologies for my first test, leaving really reflected on my amateur AF. This new test is described with more perspective and exprience. Thank you to forgive me for my mistakes passes and accept my apologies!

Soul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AES820
The basic configuration is not too bad it is finished ..........


The handle is rather large it's hard at first but then one would do with a good adjustment strap is ergonomically ...........


Of course if you buy this guitar is good for very low down in the tuning at the base it comes in so that if you do it if you drop it and pulling of 64 for the worst, the sound is is rather heavy, clean and full, but I changed the pickups by EMG 81 bridge anyway because the microphones are poor based ..........


Very good value for money through a good instrument ..........