Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar
Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar

Ami Cedar, Other Steel String Guitar from Art & Lutherie in the Ami series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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phraseland's review

Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar
Art and Lutherie AMI, handmade in Canada.
19 frets, body starts at 12th fret.
Solid spruce top. Canadian Wild Cherry body, maple neck.
Parlor guitar body style with sunburst finish.
Comes with a gig bag.


What I love most about this guitar is the neck. The whole thing is built quite simple but is very easy to play. This is also probably due to the smaller scale. You can play up to the 12th fret but this guitar really is built to play in the lower regions.
It's parlor body is very ergonomic and is close to being almost too small. This is not a miniature guitar though.


I really like how this guitar sounds. It fills the room with a sound you would not expect from an instrument in this price category. I also like that it makes you play different things than on normal acoustic guitars. It really shines when playing open chords.
There is not a lot of bass but for me that is not a problem


I like how simple the design of these guitars is. The gig bag is a nice addition as it comes free of charge. It sounds great and has a unique design in this price range. It is also great for traveling.
Some people might miss the bass a bit and the smaller neck is not for everyone.
Guillaume LANGEVIN04/27/2010

Guillaume LANGEVIN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar
I believe this guitar is manufactured in Canada by a subsidiary of Godin, like Simon & Patrick. Parlor guitar format, roughly the size of a ¾, large paws therefore abstain.


The handle is proportional to body size: quite short and narrow, it is easy to turn with his hand, which will please fans of the game in the thumb on the low E string. Personally I play a lot more about electric and apart from some handles jumbo I'm not very comfortable on the acoustic, but the race of the Ami is relatively fast and because of its small size it is easily passable.
The ergonomics of the instrument is not his best point, the handle tends to sting a little but nothing really bad either. That said when playing standing, it changes a lot of give and the small size of the fund becomes a precious comfort, it is not transformed into a statue playing with.
Access to the tweeter is bad (forget what lies beyond the octave), but this is a guitar made for playing solo, so we know why we buy it. And a cut on a little box like that would remove much of the loudness of the instrument I think.


I had a few years ago an Art and Lutherie Cedar, the elder sister of the friend, and my best memory is clearly sound. Seeing the first time friend, we laugh, then you scratch a little agreement, and there they are silent. It takes a good pie in fact. The projection of the instrument is bluffing for its size, I heard guitars at twice the price that were much less. And beyond the power of the instrument, which is attracted to sound even without the need to play hard. This does not mean that typing in it becomes rough, the guitar keeping in effect a dynamic effective and detailed even at high volume.
Treble and midrange are dominant, clear and not "crash" not each other. However, we find ourselves with low down the fault to the insignificance of the body, which quickly shows its limits when bass hits hard in the lower strings. So plan to mount a set of strings that can catch some of that gap.
This guitar is comfortable with blues and pop, which is not bad. It's more a rhythm instrument as solo and fills that use it more widely than his contract.


I have only one month, but having already owned a Cedar, it leaves enough experience to judge quickly Friend. It contains all the qualities of its big sister, complimented with an additional advantage: the size, which allows the lug around without breaking the bank back. It comes with a real cover (and not a piece of cloth), a guitar pick holder is built into the guitar (very convenient that stuff) and not least: the Art and Lutherie his little painted, and over time really bonifient . In 5 / 6 years you will gain safe, even on a small frame like this. And to top it all, she is not very expensive.

The - the Art and Lutherie Ami:
- Slight imbalance, which stings a little stick
- Lack of power in the low

Most of the Art and Lutherie Ami:
- Small size
- Package more than correct (good cover + door pick)
- Power of the instrument
- Sound Quality Right Honourable
- Getting Started
- A real guitar "roots / blues
- Value for money excellent

Overall rating: 9 / 10


moddjo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar
Guitar size "parlor", the standard size of 1900 comes the dreadnoughts in 1940: it's a small guitar that looks like a classic by far but is not one! She is fine, the woods are no frills, but especially the construction gives a hallucinatory projection template for this guitar. Couraging a wonderful guitar as the prize is the challenge!
It is manufactured LaPatrie, that Qubec, Canada.
The treble is not accessible trs (junction box 12) but not the point: it is a guitar roots of blues, she shines as picking open tuning and slide!
The rglages are perfect.
The neck profile is fairly flat, highly polished edges. Irrprochable finish, frets wonderful!


The handle is quite heavy compared to the weight of the body (lightweight stitching sleeve).
Access in acute is not convenient, but not on the agenda when you want a parlor!
It is lgre, easily transported, and the small padded bag more than correct is a plus.
For cons, I change the strings IMMEDIATE origins that sounded bad in the low rev: Martin 11-52 set of strings of rigor and go! The sound is balanced, sustain INESPRE for this size guitar! Much less than a Dreadnought, but low crystalline, with many rponse in the mid / high. You catch yourself playing on high volume!
Good also notes slide, open-tuning (or Sol R dploie she also its potential!


I was looking really sound raspy, bluesy, that reminds me of Robert Johnson & co. I am not of the trip!

The only complaint I have is that it is not suitable to trs fluid solos, but it's all relative, is not a one Larrive 1000 !


I use it for two weeks. I tried it in stores thinking they a toy I took a slap! I had all the money and I did not take long to find something to pay me!
It is largely the head Martin Parlor made in Mexico.
The report qualitprix is ​​exceptional.
I would do this choice! Why not finish diffrent!

bduff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art & Lutherie Ami Cedar
Qubec made it because franais.
12 boxes out of the box
No exotic wood, it is intended colo!
Fishman Electroacoustic System 1 (volume, bass, treble)
Bought new 2000 francs with the cover in the store.
Steel strings, it is not a classical guitar / flamenco!


Handle very easy, a little short (two missing cases)
Ergonomics: petty cash, you can take it anywhere
Ultra practical


In acoustics, it sounds a bit "dobro" but with class, with its acute pluttmdium well slammin
Trs powerful for size, it is good for rock and blues solo in agreement.
It responds well to trs DIFFERENT style of play, if you change the type of mdiator, we hear ... Fingers although trs
Branch, is a bit dry, but working just a must.


Bought 6 years ago is my acoustic quality APRS Premire 20 years of guitar he silent time! APRs have tried many other, much more Chres, I have chosen to one quarter of the budget that I m'tait Alou.
QualitPrix: perfect, cheap, well made and original
A real guitar for cheap.
No regrets, I bought better but more expensive.
Recommended for beginners and guitarists who want to ring electric rock / blues with no readers. She is colo sr.