Power Play KSP210
Power Play KSP210

KSP210, Other Steel String Guitar from Power Play.

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Power Play KSP210 : Anonymous 's user review

« Acoustic Guitar / Bow and Arrow! »

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Value For Money : Poor Audience: Beginners
This was My Power Play KSP210 acoustic Guitar/bow and arrow! Now I'm not saying the neck was bent but there was a bus from the string to the 12th fret. The best thing about this guitar is the photo (and yes I do know how poor the photo is...) It was however very cheap, it cost about £19 new; but I was robbed! I got it because it was the same brand as "the cheapest knock off Strat" and I didn't, (still don't), think that was too bad for the money. This was in a bag in a box when I got it so I couldn't try it out before buying it and for a while I thought I could tweek it somehow and make it more playable?? In the end I took it to the tip and set it free