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Samson Technologies Mixing Consoles user reviews

  • Samson Technologies MDR624

    Samson Technologies MDR624 - "Nice features and the aux send channel was great"


    The MDR624 is made by Samson and has an affordable price tag on it, which is the only reason that I decided to give it a go because in the past I have used many Samson mixer and I know most of them are very good and last a long time. This mixer migh…

  • Samson Technologies MDR1064

    Samson Technologies MDR1064 - "Preamps need work"


    The MDR1064 is a 10 channel mixer (stereo), it comes with 6 preamps and an on board EQ. This unit is built well to be as inexpensive as it is. All of the knobs are on their good and have a nice resistance to them. This unit gives you the 3 band EQ o…

Translated user reviews
  • Samson Technologies L2000

    Samson Technologies L2000 - " great"


    Is rack? I pence not What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)? XLR jack UTILIZATION The general configuration is it simple? yes super simple SOUNDS The console is transparent? yes a really perfect sound I recognized most of my i…

  • Samson Technologies MDR1248

    Samson Technologies MDR1248 - " breath samson mdr 1248"


    hello I use the console from yesterday but when I use the effects I have great breath I must decrease the volume normal effect or not I do not know UTILIZATION configuration is simple manual is simple SOUNDS yes there is breath in the eff…

  • Samson Technologies L3200

    Samson Technologies L3200 - bloodwych's review


    Non-Console Rackmount -Console 32 channels (Jack or XLR), 4-Bus (Jack), 6 Auxiliary (Jack), 1 / O CD / tape (RCA) Exit "Main out" and "Mono Out" is only XLR The output "Hand B" is only in jack and is controlled by a knob and not a fader ... -…

  • Samson Technologies PL1602

    Samson Technologies PL1602 - T BASS's review


    Analog mixer Rack 19 "2U (definitely the highlight of the table, because little space, ideal if you work with a rack and there is a small square free) 33 connector jack 1 / 4 "(32 + 1 rear panel headphone jack on the front) + 2 XLR (mic input 1 …

  • Samson Technologies MDR8

    Samson Technologies MDR8 - snap63's review


    See below: it is full asse UTILIZATION I still read the instructions but after a wave reading was quickly identify what a correspondent each input / output, and the full potential of this table. the manual is clear and it's nice to touch the knob…

  • Samson Technologies MPL1502

    Samson Technologies MPL1502 - buggy12's review


    15 tracks Mono Jack 6.25, 5-way XLR microphone, 5-way Stereo, RCA outputs, 2 channels 4 channels AUX RETURN (effects section but not Intgr intgrables and settings! ) 5 return channels, connectors complte trs = 3 strips of legalization for each chan…

  • Samson Technologies MDR8

    Samson Technologies MDR8 - Torkan Amlug Herdir's review


    Small Merviel ... it lacks nothing: 8 Indeed, low-cut filter, a mono output with volume control Independent, 2 st and to return with an appallingly hard disk recording (in fact, it is only to use a different type of routing the mode convetionel: jump…

  • Samson Technologies MDR8

    Samson Technologies MDR8 - P'tit dav''s review


    Equipped with a digital multi-effect 24-bit, 6 pramplis micro and 2 slices Stereo, the MDR8 brings versatility. Live in home studio or installation, you can rely on its sound quality and FLEXIBILITY. - Between Units 1 4 formats combi XLR mic / line…