BrainModular Usine 1
BrainModular Usine 1

Usine 1, Modular sequencer from BrainModular.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 7 reviews )
 6 reviews86 %
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tourtour's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1
Installation ease asio drivers but impractical (is solves with asio4all) The only weak point is that one has to restarting the app to update a change of audio output.
I had things a little weird to beginners but it is probably put on the account of a incomprhension from me.
The manual is not clear, but TRS is largely compensated by an Available and benevolence of the designer and collaborator of the unusual.
The basic configuration is trs since everything is done (it is the principle and the general intrt of this software).

I possde an HP tx 2670 Tablet PC with 3GB of ram and Turion X2.
I must say that it's a real crap (except the tactile aspect that is perfect for this software).
Know that this computer is not dot firewire port and is in-conceivable to run a sound card same
with an express card (protocol imbcile and expensive alternatives to the census PCMCIA).
It is a little tt to talk about the CPU but it seems reasonable especially since the assumption that one
dveloppe or even its application does tration only what you need, so the perfomances are optimum.

APRS good chess and many attempts that led me to have my words dpassent penss I start
Submitted understand the Systm and I must say that it is only happiness!
Imagine a sort of Max MSP dedicates to the musicians who get rid of the Australian laboratory assistant for this one.
Everything is well thought out and thought dveloppeur all. For the modest sum of 70 euros you have the possibility with a little effort to make your application rve. People ractifs you and your cost and help you with needle and comptence
I spent many hours trying to beat a dead horse tame bte and now that I think started coming in dpenser more!
This is also my opinion the only ngatif of this app: it is terribly time consuming and addictive!
I dare not even imagine the sleepless nights that its designer dt go.
So Thank you and Congratulations for this wonder Olivier Sens.
And a thousand apologies for my decision a little htif.
But shit you gave me the yarn plied given!
And I think it's not over.

Claygues's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1
A 40MB file. A facility that is not one: it is enough to decompress in a folder, allowing multiple versions to coexist and this is convenient because the software evolves rapidly at the moment.

With my new computer, Pentium Dual 2200, 2GB ram, Windows XP SP3, esi juli @ card, a roll trs well and with the margin. It starts fast and seems stable.
My screen, a 15 inch is much too small cons. The edition of the patch application site, then a step 21 will not be too much, and good eyes.

In gnral I like having a long enough exprience of a product before posting an opinion, but this has not been a month since I put myself, I say "me places "and not" put myself to, "because I'm always the approach phase of the software.

This app allows you to CRER complex musical configurations customized interface through a remarkable simplicity. However the application efforts and approaches Premire persverence.
It seems that although the tapes diffrencier designs and phases of Fast Fashion music. The app allows you to CRER tools used in real time, but do not believe that it allows to reach the Fast Fashion IMMEDIATE music.

Since I have studied plant that I 'set', I do not make music.
For now, I probably always will integrate its operation can process with my music Fast Fashion. All this is not unnecessarily complicated?
The possibilities are even when allchantes enough for me to continue the exprience.

Foxxb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1
Installation easier ... you can not

No incompatibility at home or on the PC or the laptop

As with any softwares to do some rglage (1 minute timer) and hop off you go!

The manual in English, but clear enough

PC: - KT7 raid / Duron 1.3 G / 256MB / 80GB + 20GB Hdd
Laptop: Compaq EVO N610C / P4 1.8 G / 256 MB / HDD mobile pre 40Go/Maudio
In short the configs of ponies! Despite a, a turn, do not overload modules and vst.
aa rare plant just when I was 15 at the same time manipulation, but it's just normal!

I started the test about a year ago, the modular cot "the hands dirty" I liked, but I had a little difficulty understanding the architecture of have a little cot and put it a few months I needed a software for live I start the hack and it's a little more back.
And sensory us out vst version ... use of sonar, I used to load VST, send Bitcrusher BAR and other sounds from elsewhere .. and all without touching the laptop!
We can do almost everything with this software dpends all the power of the config (except the function to make a good espresso cup but it seems that the next version will be endowed!)
Report qualitprix are not any photo of Fawn Factory is the only software to do a (bon. feasible in reaktor .. but hello sleepless nights)
In addition to ractif Senso is great for all that is bug and other problems.

* Pub * Factory ... it's eat in! * Pub *

ben_silicate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1
Installation? It's simple: it is the easiest thing to install I've ever seen! You download a compressed file, decompresses it, and Ouali! The idea is that plant can be installed on a USB stick or other portable device, and can therefore be used on any bike like it was our personal workstation.
Configuration very easy to do: choose the audio interface, you set two or three things (record files of audio file vst, MIDI) and it's over.
The manual is particularly clear, educational, rigorous and extremely organized. The bad thing is it is still and always in English. And the complexity of certain concepts and certain situations (but not due to plant certain uses) is sometimes a handicap. Fortunately, the site's forum is here (in English again, grrrr) and especially the author which can be contacted directly by mail!

I tried it on a Pentium 4 with XP and Ozonic and 1gig of RAM.
The only bugs I encountered were due to new features that came out and that had not been run by users on many machines. Of releases came out quickly to make adjustments.
Performance depends only on your machine. In addition to plant constantly adapting to latest technology (it was among the first software to manage the dual core, Vista, 64bit, etc). On my bike, I loaded with many factory VST everywhere, so it rowed a little, but my stuff is not the first youth ...
But other than that it is particularly stable

I first used the free version, but the author was once quietly removing features, which forced me to buy the pro version. Well, that's fair enough, I still began to use it in concert. Presently I saw my needs down and I have another configuration. I just let this software until the next version vst so, and there I was delighted as it gave me the tracks reopened unexplored!
What I like most is his omnipotence. To my knowledge, the only software that allows to go as far and as directly (and therefore by that I zap all that is Max, which calls for reinventing the wheel each time). We can connect everything with everything, make the computer a real musical partner, or be confined to functions very simple vst host. There is a playful side that appears as soon as we embarked on the construction of a new system and that's very exciting.
Things that I dislike? Besides the interface is damn confusing at first, but it is after a time, some things still lack flexibility found in soft drinks major brands. But it is still anecdotal (like saving a trick with a new name, which can not remove the old via software, but only through windows, provided to close plant otherwise not refresh its record of stuff like that ...)
The value for money is exceptional, especially with the free vst version is dynamite Treats! And 50 euros is not death if you want to afford the pro version!
With experience, if I again need the pro version, well yeah not hesitate!

Otiv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1
- The installation is done it without problems?
Not even to install.
It unzips into a folder and is ready to go.

- Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

- The general configuration is easy?
Very easy (it is a software developed for musicians).

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
The manual is clear. These are the tutorials that are missing.

- What is the configuration of your computer?
Dell laptop, RME Multiface ...

- The software works he correctly on this configuration?
I mean, yes.

- This software + hardware is stable?
Everything is very stable. This is done to live, do not laugh, there ...

- How long have you use it?
A little over a year

- What is so special that you like most and least?
I feel able to discuss with any confidence. My imagination does not have to zigzag between lots of stuff infeasible. Only the CPU is the limit.
Sound of the highest quality, frankly.
The sense of security. Facility provides. No bad surprise as I was able to meet with a shovel in others I will not name here.
The more the most is that I'm having to make music with sophisticated stuff that I was not asked to advanced knowledge or years of practice like Max MSP and Reaktor.

Not attractive to watch, not skinnable. A detail in my opinion, because the pleasure of music is aileurs on the screen of a laptop.
At first, I have a moment to understand the meileur party to draw, when to use a VST, when I make a patch, how to combine all the possibilities ... I agree that it's so unique, no way to learn it other than factory. It's a bit hard at first.
Also, I think too few people use it (but I feel that it is changing), the far too few people working on its development, once you fall from time to time of bugs. Fortunately, as soon as they are reported to Sensomusic, a new release is being downloaded. They fight like lions.
I am appreciative.

- Have you tried many other models before buying it?
A package, yes. Quite a package. Little is said of plant, few people know and nobody told me: Is that what you want is there (in addition, the demo is functional as much as you want). I lost a lot of time and energy before Factory, too.

- How would you rate the quality / price?
I think the real price, it should be ... well, I am silent.
Say which is sold at the price the license is given. I think it's clear enough?

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Direct and without wasting a second.

sylvain.rifflet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1

Mac Book Pro.

The day before yesterday evening in Avignon, the first concert of our project "Rockingchair" with trumpeter Airelle Besson.
All effects were monitored and controlled via plant (on my Mac Book Pro and Windows) by Gilles Olivesi.
AuCu Plantade, perfection.
Senso thank you.

gilovemachine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

BrainModular Usine 1
-Installation: Put simply, we can not. It's like Mac OS X.
-I have no problems of incompatibility of any kind, be it with my Shuttle or my Mac book Pro (windows of course)
-Configuration is very simple. It is pre-configured to try the demo.
-The manual is well done, quite funny also.

Computer config: motherboard Shuttle / AMD Proc 4000 what to cellar, 64-bit / 1 GB Ram / Seagate 7500 T, 250 GB / Soundcards RME Fireface and hammerfall (config Pretty big, actually)
-It works perfectly.
-I rarely go down to 95% of CPU resources that are allowed, and yet I Gave patches. I use it in the studio or live like a big rack of effects and I use it to add sound to a group of seven musicians, I manage equalization, compression, effects, mixing 5.1 and mixing with the returns quoted above config .
- It's extremely stable. Never crashes

I use it for almost a year.
-What I like most is the quality of the audio engine, the mixer and management of the afternoon to remote controls and automation, that develops patches Senso amazing and different, and it welcomes VST plug-ins. The only thing boring is that I have to bang my Windows to use it.
Value _ maximum price.