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Multi-Pair Cables user reviews

  • Hosa CRA803 Octo RCA / RCA 3m

    Hosa CRA803 Octo RCA / RCA 3m - "Good, standard snake cables"


    The Hosa CRA803 is an audio snake with 8 individual cable connections in a 3 meter long length. The connections are available as RCA-RCA, or 1/4"-RCA. In either case, the cables are unbalanced, which means the shorter the cable length that's being …

  • Hosa SH 12X4 Pro Conex Snake

    Hosa SH 12X4 Pro Conex Snake - moosers's review


    Hosa's SH 12x4 Pro Conex Snake is a simple connection box designed for use in the recording studio or for a live sound reinforcement rig. I've used this in a recording studio where we ran this through the wall into the live room from our control roo…

  • The Sssnake SPP8030

    The Sssnake SPP8030 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Bibzo/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I used this multicore last night for the first and last time at a live event I recorded with my PreSonus Firepod sound card. At the end of the gig I wanted to unplug the multic…

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