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  • National Tricone Hollowneck polished nickel plated brass

    National Tricone Hollowneck polished nickel plated brass - "The Ultimate Blues Machine" has images


    This series are hand made in the USA. They are limited in number (mine is 007). As an acoustic tri-cone, there are no controls. The most unique thing about this guitar is that it has a hollow square neck constructed as an extension of the body (i.e.:…

  • National Reso-Lectric

    National Reso-Lectric - moosers's review


    The National Reso-Lectric is one of the coolest and most interesting guitars that I've had the pleasure of recording. It is a combination of a resonator dobro style guitar paired with the power of an electric guitar. While I wasn't the artist on th…

Translated user reviews
  • National NRP Style 0

    National NRP Style 0 - " ouhaou it's heavy!"


    Made in the USA. Warning NRP guitars are not "vintage" of the National brand. The company, founded in the late 1980s, took over production of the former National trying to best comply with the tradition and quality of old. Made in the USA in Calif…

  • National M1 Tricone

    National M1 Tricone - " Excellent"


    Made in the USA, tricone resonator guitar wood. UTILIZATION Wide and round nice round profile and enabling good precision slide. Reasonable weight. Limited access to acute (12 cases out of the box) but not cen'est about this instrument SOUNDS…