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  •  Modartt Tubular Bells Add-On for Pianoteq

    Modartt Tubular Bells Add-On for Pianoteq

    12/15/11 in Modartt Tubular Bells Add-On for Pianoteq

    As a Christmas gift to all Pianoteq customers, MODARTT announces its latest instrument add-on: a virtual copy of a Tubular Bells.

  • Sound Surgeon Key and Tempo Change Service

    Sound Surgeon Key and Tempo Change Service

    12/08/11 in Sound Surgeon

    Todd, Michael & James, Inc (TMJ) the owner of Song Surgeon, its audio software for pitch (key) and tempo change, announced the availability of a web-based key and tempo change service.

  • ToneBytes Pedals

    ToneBytes Pedals

    12/02/11 in ToneBytes Pedals

    ToneBytes has released Pedals, a free VST guitar FX plug-in for Windows.

  • Free Detunized Live Pack

    Free Detunized Live Pack

    11/20/11 in Detunized DTF012 - Waschsalon

    Waschsalon: Visit at the Laundromat.

  • CWI Technology TX16Wx v1.0

    CWI Technology TX16Wx v1.0

    11/18/11 in CWI Technology TX16Wx

    CWI Technology has released version 1.0 of the TX16Wx, a free multi-timbral software sampler modelled after hardware samplers from the 80s and 90s.

  • AfroDJMac Operator Glitchy Drums

    AfroDJMac Operator Glitchy Drums

    11/10/11 in AfroDJMac Operator Glitchy Drums

    AfroDJMac has released Operator Glitchy Drums, a new download in the series of weekly Ableton Live Rack freebies.

  • Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng Classic

    Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng Classic

    11/08/11 in Kong Audio ChineeGuZheng Classic

    Kong Audio has set free its ChineeGuZheng Classic virtual instrument.

  • Krakli Software K700

    Krakli Software K700

    10/30/11 in Krakli Software K700

    Krakli Software has released K700, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

  • MARVIN Releases reTromine and Updates HS9

    MARVIN Releases reTromine and Updates HS9

    10/30/11 in Marvin Pavilion HS9

    MARVIN has released reTromine v0.1 and updated HS9 to version 1.1.

  • Novaflash Phyzmod

    Novaflash Phyzmod

    10/27/11 in Novaflash Phyzmod

    Novaflash has released Phyzmod, a free synthesizer instrument for Windows.

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