Vir2 Instruments Q

Q, Noise/Sound Design Sample from Vir2 Instruments.

Wedges2 12/31/2011

Vir2 Instruments Q : Wedges2's user review

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As with any Kontakt library the installation is very straight forward. Pop in the disc, copy the files to wherever you want, and Kontakt will find them. If that doesn't happen you can manually show Kontakt where the files are which is very easy. Once you have Q up and running you'll notice that it is a very easy VST to navigate. If you've never used Kontakt before it will take some time to get acquainted but if you have using Q for the first time should be a breeze. The program also comes with a manual and instructions on installation in case you get lost. Q runs on Kontakt, so it is compatible with PC and Mac.


I've been using it for about a year now and I haven't had any problems with the VST. It isn't very CPU intensive either. I'm running a Dell XPS 7100 studio with six cores and 6GB of RAM but even on a computer that is less suited for music running Q should not be much of a problem. It has never been the cause of a crash, and everything about it seems stable. The loads time are very quick as well.


The Q is an average VST instrument. It isn't going to coover any of your bread and butter sounds, so if your looking for an overall instrument I would recommend a different plugin. The Q is marketed toward "sounds for the big screen". While the sounds certainly fall short in that respect, they do manage to sound good in my beats. Q comes with a variety of sounds ranging from granular orchestras to unique choirs. Some of the sounds are cheap and generic. Others are very unique and creative. Your going to have to really find what you like out of this VST before you really enjoy it, but believe me there are some good gems in it. I probably wouldn't buy it now that I know what is in it, but if you somehow manage to get it for a discount, and you already have your basic sounds covered, I'd recommend it.