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  • AKG K 450

    AKG K 450 - jcserlet's review


    use: from 2.5 years only model tested and purchased for this purpose (tests on the net are very convergent) what I like most is the 1 and 2 audio quality manufacturing and supplied accessories I love the month is the side over ear unbeatable …

  • AKG K935

    AKG K935 - " Hyper headphone fragile!"


    Headphones to avoid missed: the day you like me commit the mistake of removing the headphone only one hand instead of taking it "carefully" 2 hands! disaster ... At your own risk ... (I broke 2 times, they changed me once, I do not hope they wi…

  • AKG K 450

    AKG K 450 - " Quality without breaking the bank!"


    How long have you been using? I use this headset for 3 months, for listening to mp3 via my smartphone and my pc. I also use when I play electronic drums. Did you try many other models before buying it? I have not really tried another model. I …

  • AKG K 450

    AKG K 450 - " Very good quality / price ratio, a success!"


    How long you use it? 1 month, mainly for musicobalade. Did you tried many other models before buying it? In the long term: - In the same range Sennheiser PX200 - In the same price Sennheiser HD 25-SP - Not rated in order of quality (soun…

  • AKG K 450

    AKG K 450 - " Conclusive!"


    Hello, I bought these headphones (I use it for 2 days) after mature reflection, because my good Grado Sr 80i bother anyone at night when I listened to my music. I started looking for a closed headphone and balanced as possible. My choice was fin…

  • AKG K 450

    AKG K 450 - " -9 - Excellent"


    A member of my family has received yesterday in a bag rigid AKG (I'm not surprised because this brand is very very serious in the field). It opens and there is enough bleuffé by the quality of materials despite, I think, a certain fragility at the pi…