Rodgers ROD-577
Rodgers ROD-577

ROD-577, Organ from Rodgers.

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Jmlesq 07/24/2006

Rodgers ROD-577 : Jmlesq's user review


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Digital classic liturgical organ Ref. Rodgers Insignia 577 Version Fr
2 keyboards midi notes 61 - 32 Notes Pedalboard concave right
Keyboard: 61 notes x 2
Polyphony: 128 notes
Registers pulling: 28 including the Tremulant Swell and Great Organ
Transposition, Accord, 8 Time
Sampling: note by note
Modeling system integrated ambient RSS
Coupled with expander Rodgers MX-200


The console is particularly user-friendly and ergonomic. Everything falls under the fingers. The numerous settings to customize the instrument according to the room where it is located. The manual is well documented. Only the part dealing with the harmonization does not come home but kindly provided by my dealer. Tricks (4 screw adjustable feet purchased from a large DIY) allows for an adjustable bench and a low-cost gantry originally intended for lighting of tables is grafted above the pulpit Plexiglas.


The samples are of excellent quality and blend seamlessly without affecting sound quality. The many effects available is sufficient. Only drawback, no possibility of reversing the keyboards but the addition of the expander MX-200 compensates for this aspect to register the entire directory without major defects.


Purchased there is now a little over a year after a sharp comparison of instruments proposed by the constructors of this thin market, I do not regret my purchase.
For a console of this type with tie rods and many adjustment possibilities, the value is outstanding.
Of course, the instrument comes factory was not harmonized according to my personal taste, but also computer business, the proprietary interface that allows you to re-align the instrument play by play and note by note, pointed to interesting possibilities. And, in support of six months of work to harmonize personal instrument is transfigured.
In addition the almost systematic use of a high-end HiFi headset combined with the original reverb RSS add another touch of realism.
I have an expander coupled Mx-200 which I have recreated my own organ stops (128 total instead of the original 76) to interpret the whole organ literature from its origins to this day all using vintage musical temperaments. But happiness ...