Yamaha SLG100N
Yamaha SLG100N
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All user reviews for the Yamaha SLG100N

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 12 reviews )
 6 reviews50 %
 4 reviews33 %
 2 reviews17 %
Value For Money : Excellent

phraseland's review

Yamaha SLG100N
I believe this guitar was made in Taiwan (as are most Yamaha products). If not then it was built in Japan. This is the nylon string version of the Yamaha Silent Guitar.
It has a 50mm Nut and is built a little more ergonomic than it's cousin SLG100NW(neck wide - meaning the classical 52mm).
The guitar does feel like a real guitar even though there is no reall body to it. The fretboard is rosewood and is a real neck. The pickup is I believe a BBand and sounds very punchy and natural (even though also very direct).
There is the option to add reverb for playing and it is quite useable. If you are planning on playing with the batterie though then turn this off as it sucks the battery dry in no time!


The neck feels very nice and playable. Also the intonation is very good and the instrument seems to be of high quality. This instrument was developed for practicing and quiet playing but it can be seen on stage as well (I think Queen is currently using it...)
It is really very straight forward. You can adjust his and lows, volume and the level of an external signal (aux) if you want to play along with a recording.


With the right acoustic amp this guitar can definitely deliver. It has one sound and that is not really a disadvantage. I found adjusting the hi and low frequencies to not be too efficient...probably better on an amp. Again - if you play with a power supply then use the reverb. If not just be aware that the battery dies A LOT sooner!


I bought this guitar about a couple of years ago. For the right person this is a great instrument as you can just take it apart and easily bring it with you (be it on a plane, train, etc.)- this being the reason of my purchase. I do need a resonating top however and have never really warmed up to it...so I am currently selling it on Ebay :-)
But that is just me and I would recommend anyone looking for a guitar you can play with your headphones or is small and lightweight to check out the Silent Guitars.
The guitar sounds nice, stays in tune and has a very good intonation. So it is not cheap but definately worth the price.

MGR/Nangkorasia's review"Yamaha SLG-100N"

Yamaha SLG100N
Bought at Nusantik, Yamaha's Indonesian sole distributor Aug 2002. The Package include good quality gigbag, AC adptor and manual book. for about US$600 or 5,5 Billion Indonesian Rupiah. (I just realized this is too expensive should be about USD450)
I really want a guitar I can play or practice at night without disturbing other. Yamaha's quality reputations is good, coz I also had other yamaha products (CG,FG-jr & Guitalele)which I'm also satisfied.

It just really works for me.
First of all the sound quality is good some how Yamaha is succeed in eliminating the typical "Piezo" sound I think it's good for recording.
The intonation is good very easy to tune and consistent all along the fingerboard. The on board The action is very light all along the fretboard I still can play the same licks effortlessly in high position. Headphone Amp is great this is exactly what I need for practice or play without disturbing other. This unit also equipped with digital reverb this is also a plus. Well it's not really that silent most of the times I'm playing it without headphones particularly at night where the environtment is relatively silent.

One reason I bought this unit is to be functioned as travel guitar but this guitar is not very suitable for travel, even in dissassemled form SLG100N is not small enough, still have the same length of ordinary (classical) guitar only a bit thinner. The Battery consumption is only 2 hours if reverb is activated this is really not practical....(how many 9 volt battery we should carry for a trip????) so in reality i'm forced to use AC adaptor (included)
The reverb is very noisy so I'm not recommending to use it in the stage or in the recording.
This unit is only can be operated with battery or AC adaptor for headphone operation or directly plugged in to the amp/mixer.

Design is really really cool I'd give 10 for this it has cute detachable side frame, the ergonomic aspect is also good the feel is just like playing ordinary guitar but very light.
The craftmanship is beatiful esppescially the neck & the headstock.
The black side frame is also good but it seems to be litlle bit fragile (not sturdy)I think it's made from light wood should be handled with care.

Nylon strings/clasical
Good Sound quality (without reverb), Good for practice, Awesome design.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

Arnice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice"

Yamaha SLG100N
Flat handle, finer than a true classical guitar. Rosewood fingerboard (ebony would have been better ...)
Micro B-Band preamp including 2 levels of reverb (room and lobby), a volume, adjust bass, treble adjustment. An on / off button, a line in (3.5 mm input jack) with volume, output jack to connect 6.35 mm amp or console.

Eclisse amovile top (removable for transporting the guitar in the cover provided).
Power sector, earphones.

Good finish.


Fun to play, the neck is, as I said earlier, narrower than a true classical guitar.
The guitar is a real lightweight.

Some newer models than mine are equipped with a finger rest (plastic or wood depending on the model), something that is missing on my model as handy anyway ... Here, the lack of "body" and the rest without fingers, it's hard to start and even with the time I still have trouble (I must find this accessory ...)


Often used plugged directly into the mixer.
The sound is not too bad, I do not use reverbs included because I think they bring a lot of breath especially in the second position "hall") and I prefer to add reverb directly into my DAW when mixing (or during decision).

Apart from that, as discussed below, there is a large imbalance between the volume three strings and three high strings. This is a point that I think is really unfortunate.
Arpeggios must compensate the acute attack strings, and rhythm, the lack of "body".


Originally this guitar was put on the market by Yamaha guitar as study / travel, it is very good given its size and weight.
Unfortunately, at the expense of sound.

It's not bad, but nowhere near the sound of a classic electric guitar with a body.

Concerning autonomy and the different opinions that I have read, attention, autonomy is very good (about 16 to 20 hours of play without reverb effect in my case) provided to remove the jack (6.35 mm when the plug is connected, the on / off button has no effect and the guitar is "on", which empty indeed the battery faster).

Markand's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A real gem"

Yamaha SLG100N
Flat handle, B-Band pickups, maple wood used mainly rosewood.


Some people prefer the sleeves with a slight radius, this one does not have one but its use is really nice. Ease and high quality.
The availability of high notes is much easier in the absence of a sounding board.
The guitar is very light!


The guitar has a preamp well-stocked with 4 effects: 2 reverbs, one chorus and echo 1.
Ability to adjust bass and treble, to add an Auxiliary input (CD, mp3, ...) to play over.
The sound is very clear and really amazing, incredible quality, I am completely delighted.
Moreover, when we play well, we feel the whole guitar vibrate and we see the quality of the wood used.


Initially one might think that the price is expensive, but it must be remembered that the purchasing are provided:
- Carrying Case,
- AC adapter,
- Small Yamaha headphones (but sound pretty good)
- Notices.

The guitar is really fun to play, beautiful and clear sound, adjustable at will and grip more ergonomic.
The absence of sounding its lightness makes it a very appropriate stage guitar.
It seems (but not yet tested) that the battery would short time, the manual says about 20h and 13h using effects.

Siouvain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice tool, three defects ..."

Yamaha SLG100N
See Google ...


Very nice guitar, you just get used to the lack of cash :-)
Reduced size, not heavy ...


The sound is very good, very "right", nice. I use it to work improv, as well as rhythm guitar (bossa, swing ...).

I use very few effects.


Use for 1 month.

1. it allows me to play nylon without waking my daughter ...
2. it allows me to play without the need for headphones amp, sound card ..

The - I see three negative points
1. little buzz (ground loop, I think they say ...) when connected to the mains. That said, playing plugged in, will be ...
2. no OFF button, the batteries lose their charge even without using ...
3. a huge imbalance between the three bass and three treble ... bourrines must for the serious sound, and take it easy on the treble to stay in balance ... This is the point blowing ...

Well, it pleases me well and I assume this purchase! ...

rounard75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent traditional travel"

Yamaha SLG100N
Guitar travel without cash classic. I think Japanese manufacturing, wood and composite materials. Micro Piezo, frequency control low, mid, treble and master volume + Reverb integrated


Channel classical guitar. The Silent is available in two versions, one has extra large handle, this one is classic. Perfect grip, guitar extra light, handy, easy access to acute by the lack of sound box, nice shape and great beauty


the sounds are those of a good classical guitar. We play this silent headphones (headset comes with Yamaha) or amp. The sound is warm, reverb gives a nice sense of space. This guitar is suitable for all records of the classical guitar: classical, jazz, bossa, Brazil etc ... For the moment I connect to a line 6 spider Jam, adding a slight echo. Very nice sound!


A guitar of high quality, suitable for use naming conventions (travel, vacation, work), but also on stage (I saw the carnival of Nice ***). The same guitar sound reproduction quality without being too warm probably a high-end model features a cedar box ... I love its light weight, compacticité (it folds and fits in a case that bears on the shoulder, very handy on the road). This instrument is solid, after two years of regular use it does not mark a sign of weakness. choosing a high performance headphone is recommended over time to fully enjoy the nuances. Very good value for money, a good choice for both nomadic and at home (with headphones can work as not to disturb the neighborhood at all hours!).
Monsieur Tos04/26/2007

Monsieur Tos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha SLG100N
The features are very developed and strong in auitres opinion so I do not go back a layer.
I'll just say that this very expensive in a guitar case and els is the wood used here there is the piezo, it has a clean and beautiful precise amplification for its very clear.


Then use ... what to say, I have for over a year and it's a gem!
The neck is beautiful, he asks a little getting used to because it requires a game but a precise time that we got that is a joy.
The fact that she has no body gives a derisory weight, which may seem small but we'll talk after 8am to repeat;) .
It is also very convenient to carry because the handle is removed from the top to make it into his bag, for my part, I still buy him an electric guitar body is stronger ...


So I tried a lot of classical guitars and there are many who have, indeed, sound very good in amplified acoustic but ... I have found none that can match my little silent!
The settings of the preamp can almost pass for a bass sound has a folk sound was so sound that you desire.


A fault? the life of the battery ... About 6 hours by repeating it low or very low, I had done an extension to the transformer and I played AC ... a small footprint, it's 2 son with the jack.
Here I just change it, I simply removed the black plastic box is broken or the preamp and I put a switch on the circuit of the battery ... very simple to do, there is a place The interior for interuptor and there to blow the stack becomes usable because I cut it after every song ...
If I had to redo the choice of taking or not, I think I would have bought twice the price)

zjulos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha SLG100N
Made in Asia
the handle is of quality,
they have treated that as there was
2 reverbs are good quality medium to intgres
10% of the normal sound of a guitar


The handle is trs Pleasant
you can play very far into the treble
trs is lightweight and compact,
very practical for travel
mine has a small default
a small vibration when I play the third fret of the string so
but in revising the hoop and the violin I hope I'll delete it
otherwise, it is very easy to ring,
as a good classical


It suits me very well to work,
I quickly shot with the supplied headphones, because of too low
its pretty clear
a beautiful piece of work selected and then refined
screwed and glued under the handle at the caisse
enjoyable little use place to rest, his hand caller
or resting his little finger (for those who have this bad default ..)
on new models, but it prvu plastic ...


I use it for almost a year
it's a good guitar to have, for these ranges, travel, work, etc. ...
when a child is not necessary to wake

Thve's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha SLG100N
See manufacturer


I bought it there for six months because I liked its original look. I'm pretty electric guitarist. I'm not very good on a handle called classical.
On this guitar, it's going to the agreements, although I find it a bit technical (if the agreement is approximate, it sounds it). A classical musician friend told me that impression.
For the solos a bit fast, it's difficult.
The battery life is abysmal. So I have to combine the acoustic tracks live to be able to disconnect during the sets and I do not play.
I have a test to see if GODIN MULTIAC solos are better off.


The sound is very right. For studio work with or without effect, it is ideal. For concerts if not the lead guitar and so did not impact too much dedicated to this type of guitar is too straight.


Main advantage: low price.
I think this is an ideal guitar for classical musicians who need to work without making too much noise since the concert classical guitars are very strong and sound.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha SLG100N
Micro Piezo only seen his crate without configuration.


Very nice finish, at least on mine that dates beginnings.
On a newer guitar, I noticed that the realization of the frets is not so treated.
The raw sound is quite neutral and arguably natural.
Originally purchased as a working guitar for sleepless nights, it became my "nylon" main.


I use classical and fingerstyle only studio configuration, and working happily with plugs sound: it's perfect! Considering the view returns on my titles, even by professionals in the profession, I would have t crazy dpenser three times for a competitor guitar.


However, it has major flaws: it is Japanese, it is only relatively chre not, and it's not good for the ego of its owner ...