Artisan Jazz Acoustic
Artisan Jazz Acoustic

Jazz Acoustic, Other Acoustic Guitar from Artisan.

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jozz54 01/05/2007

Artisan Jazz Acoustic : jozz54's user review


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Guitar 1 / 2 box made in china ... at the same time considering the price ...
21 frets.
It is made of wood ... tree, seriously I have no idea.
the handle is quite thin.
The varnish is very dirty (fingerprints ...)

6 / 10


The handle is nice and it is covered with the same varnish / paint the body of the guitar, no problem for travel, not the handle of a classic but a folk (strings closer).
the access to the strings is good until the twelfth fret, after, is not reversible, no cutaway y'as ... the limit 13th and 14th fret ...
the guitar is quite thin (1 / 2 case) and so little good ergonomics, pleasant to handle.
Good performance of the agreement.
With regard to the sound, see next paragraph

7 / 10


What I like is the blues-rock. why a jazz guitar? because this is my first guitar sold me a friend ... but it is not so bad.
First of all I use it with D'addario chromes jazz light gauge (electrical cords in fact), of which 11-50 implies two things:
- First, a good sound output, and when I play with friends, I must restrain me if you hear me, and it's not like me the best ...
- The consideration I have learned (and am still learning) on ​​this guitar and it's pretty hot: pulling it involves a lot of strength in the fingers and I crossed gallery for ... but a force!
Finally a small thing to note: the strings "frisouillent" on the tenth fret and despite those (fast) transition in the maker ... too bad!

7 / 10 because the sound is round and warm (what jazz ...) but exactly what I want.


I use it for almost ... and ben two years .... wow it goes fast!
she is super nice, but as good beginner guitar ... y'as probably better. Still, I do not probably sell!
I bought it for € 100 a friend (thank you nico!) And well with me ...
Is what I would do this choice? probably not for beginners, at the same time to start at € 100 it's hard to come across anything other than a piece of wood ... and then she would fail if I had not.

8 / 10 given the price and I got it and the sentimental aspect ... otherwise 6 / 10