Taylor Baby Mahogany
Taylor Baby Mahogany

Baby Mahogany, Other Acoustic Guitar from Taylor in the Baby Taylor series.

stompboxjon 03/14/2013

Taylor Baby Mahogany : stompboxjon's user review

« The size is good »

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The Taylor Baby Mahogany has an ebony bridge with 19 frets on it. The finish on this guitar is very beautiful and rich. I have used this guitar for a long time but I do sort of classify it as a “beginner’s guitar” but not because of the quality. The quality with this guitar is amazing! One thing I guarantee you will need with this guitar is a hard case because if you do not have one you are setting yourself up for failure!


This 6 string guitar is compact but still has a pretty full tone. I do not think they tone is as full as it should be but it is not bad for this price range. The size of the guitar is also pretty standard with buying guitars in his price range. I would say that this guitar (with a road case) is perfect to travel with. It is not full size but gives a close to full size sound.


For the size of this guitar, and in this price range you will not find a better quality guitar as far as the build goes. But if you are more into tone you can get a better tone for this price range if you do some searching and go out there to listen to some guitars (in store).


The size of this guitar is perfect because it is the type of guitar you pull out when you are at home sitting on the porch and the type that you take with you no matter where you go. It is even great for a kids guitar as long as they are around 10 years old (if they are young I would get something smaller). The only thing about this guitar that I think could improve is the tone. Not that it is bad, but the bass was nowhere near as “deep” as I felt it should be. This is pretty normal being that it is in this price range.