Tenayo CG471/7
Tenayo CG471/7

CG471/7, Other Acoustic Guitar from Tenayo.

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belzeb 03/09/2010

Tenayo CG471/7 : belzeb's user review


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Frabriquée china
Cedar top, rosewood everything else
19 frets to the strings, 22 for the two most acute.
Channel classic, classic, plus a string


The handle is not unpleasant. Harder to play a classical normal. For the width of mache, as I play on 7 in electric for so long, I can not find it shocking ... A little tiring at first, but its gravity ... Although I think those who have small hands could seriously suffer!

The interface is pretty dutout. The body is not huge, making it a classical guitar rather normal.

Access to acute is as lame as all the classics, do not be fooled. Adding a few boxes on the high strings is purely decorative ... from my point of view.

The sound is not bad but not transcendent. It sounds good, but not a lot of trunk. But it's still very respectable.


I bought this guitar to play songs on my acoustic group ... It makes death / prog.
So it works well, although it took me to add a piezo. Electro version would be nice!

And indeed, with the piezo, it sounds not too bad ... A little box, it lacks presence, but again, hon.


I just receive it and I quickly went around ... I could not try another model, for there is simply no outside luthiers guitars that cost a fortune. So I'm absolutely satisfied with this beast! I was tired of my classic detune if it does not sound dutout, so there 's the better.

The value for money can not really be considered, since face it, there are guitars luthiers to several thousand euros!

And ultimately, it will allow me to work my games in electrical pain!

I put 7 for the price for such a rarity!

(And then she is quite pretty)