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Used other modules for modular synthesizers

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  • Mutable Instruments Rings
    via Reverb.com

    Mutable Instruments Ringshas images


    Excellent condition Mutable Instruments Rings with Black Magpie panel.Comes with original panel, extra knobs, power ribbon, and screws.

  • Make Noise Tempi
    via Reverb.com

    Make Noise Tempihas images


    Make Noise TempiModule is essentially brand new, I've only had it for a few months. Just going in a different direction musically. Racked with washers, no rack rash. Includes power cab...

  • Studio Electronics  Levels
    via Reverb.com

    Studio Electronics Levelshas images


    Studio Electronics: “Levels" a 6 channel buffered eurorack mixer. 1-4 out/ 5-6 out/ mix out. Comes with premium aluminum knobs installed, as well as, stock knobs and ribbon power cable. 10HP

  • Intellijel Planar
    via Reverb.com

    Intellijel Planarhas images


    The Planar is such a wonderful invention for eurorack, that I own two of these. Sadly, rack space is a premium. This Planar for sale was hardly taken out of the box and was racked only once, s...

  • Doepfer A-178 Theremin Voltage Source
    via Reverb.com

    Doepfer A-178 Theremin Voltage Sourcehas images


    This module takes the familiar Theremin antenna interface and generates a voltage and gate signal that can be patched to any destination in a Eurorack system. I found it to be most entertainin...

  • Make Noise Pressure Points
    via Reverb.com

    Make Noise Pressure Pointshas images


    Pressure Points, a lovely touch interface for Eurorack. This is a staple in many people's systems, great for triggering events, voltage offsets and sequencing by hand or with the Brains expand...

  • Intellijel Linix
    via Reverb.com

    Intellijel Linixhas images


    Linix is the successor to the now discontinued HexVCA module. It comprises six high quality 2164 based linear VCA circuits with CV attenuation and BIAS control for each channel.The f...

  • Make Noise Teleplexer
    via Reverb.com

    Make Noise Teleplexerhas images


    Module was kept racked in a smoke free studio space and was covered when not in used. Never gigged with the module.module comes with ribbon cableFree shipping to CONUS via USPS...

  • Future Retro Transient
    via Reverb.com

    Future Retro Transienthas images


    Future retro transient