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  • UVI Vintage Legends Review

    UVI Vintage Legends Review - Modern Classics...


    UVI seems to have decided to bring back to life the myths of synthesis in the form of sample libraries for its own UVI platform and compatible programs. Let's have a detailed look at one of them: Vintage Legends.

  • iZotope Iris Review

    iZotope Iris Review - At Your Beck and Call


    iZotope is famous for its effects, audio processing and restoration tools. Now, the manufacturer enters the world of virtual instruments with the launch of Iris, its first synth. Knowing iZotope, we expect nothing but a very original approach. Are we wrong?

  • Native Instruments Reaktor Prism Mini-Review

    Native Instruments Reaktor Prism Mini-Review - From Every Facet


    Prism is a polyphonic synthesizer included with the new products launched by Native Instruments in the Komplete 7 pack. Based on modeling technology... Let's find out what that means.