SenTenZa Gingerbread
SenTenZa Gingerbread

Gingerbread, Overdrive pedal from SenTenZa.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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LRiviere67's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nickel!"

SenTenZa Gingerbread
So a typical vintage overdrive with a big creamy English as we like.


Simple configuration, NICKEL, came with a manual that does not really serve as it is simple! It was a crunch button to adjust the level of saturation, master the master volume and treble, which is a feature of the pedal. Indeed, it does not solve all the tone, but only the treble, which will open a particular sound, which I appreciate greatly


Excellent on this point, with a sound from tiny crunch to limit the distortion


I use it for 3 months and she will not leave my pedalboard, excellent pedal, handmade in France!

stereox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

SenTenZa Gingerbread
typee overdrive vintage handmade has istres, a few hundred meters from moi.j was involved in a little development in testing various versions proto live situation during jam sessions.
c is a former al overdrive with jack in / out and a 9V jack for an external transformer
adjustment crunch, treble and gain.tout this ISSUED by an op amp jrc4158 for connoisseurs., but I'll come back
delivered with certificate of manufacture by hand with date and serial number and manual quick use


use can not be easier: you plug jacks and buttons is turned ....


then delivers a vintage gingerbread sonority but not gaudy or sourde.en real effect over overdridve this is his treble adjustment: this is not like other pedal a "tone", c is a selector acute mediums will highlight a portion of the spectrum according to the adjustment knob
and c is the whole diference.
I make several styles of music coffee concert, IRON MAIDEN tribute to prog metal, with a stack ENGL INVADER 150 and therefore I have 3 uses for this pedal.:
In coffee-concert crunch the clean channel of pedal, playing on the volume of the latter and the guitar gives a vintage touch to a very good amp crystal clear but stiff enough to rock 70
-The maiden tribute: then c is the top decrease the distortion of moitiée compared to my initial settings on the channel of the amp, and I clicks the gingerbread with a cruch playing on the trebble The pedal gives me his creamy dave murray, nothing that the trebble.disons enormously that it respects the sound of the amp while recovering the high mids, which are often hollow on modern amps.
With trip-style metal band speed / prog I used on the pedal is managed with a tc gsystem.ce that allows me to have a very modern sound rhythm and solo ratrapper this creamy and these mediums to pierce through the mix
You will therefore understand that accepts a pedal and works great on amps HiGain engl style, diezel, mesa .... because unlike other pedals, it will keep the bass and treble to your amp, and just play on high mids thanks to its spectral.fini trebble sound shrill or "food" when we add to these the pedals amp generally.


I used the last out of the first series in late April 2014 and I have already done with 4 dates and currently no probleme.tous music styles spend, because the grain is unique but very musical and very british, whether Use only with clear sound, or else with a distortion of typee metal amp.'s strong point is precisely the fact that it does not denature the sound of HiGain she makes vintage without changing the pitch or sound quality general, you keep your bass all as defined in the palm mute by exemple.le value for money is very good, because for the price of a good overdrive to plant, you have the sound and manufacturing hand with this system that makes trebble s fit has all amplis.a note that a more powerful version for hair amp with less gain is available (it is red)