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Solton PA Floor/Stage Monitors user reviews

  • Solton MF 300 L

    Solton MF 300 L - la.taupe31's review


    I use it for 1 year as stage, the sound is good for this price range, and with a 31 band EQ and a measurement microphone they are really great. I bought them for the test because there are not many reviews about this brand and I am very telling, ev…

  • Solton MF-12A

    Solton MF-12A - Le Xav's review


    200 W RMS active monitor Hp 12 + tweeter 70 Hz - 18 kHz Enter into combo jack / xlr Rglages: Gain - Bass - Treble - Master RCA line between 150 Hz low cut filter Exit "Speakon" liability to HP 8 ohm Two possible angles of orientation …

  • Solton MF 15

    Solton MF 15 - rafkey's review

    05/14/05 used for two years, the Solton MF 15A is musical, robust and never did lchbr /> The big advantage, that is the 15 '' defines which of the sound and its price too lev for services rendered. The power is suffici…