bobic 04/04/2013

Art DTI : bobic's user review

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I have DTI recent years. It fills his office so well that I bought two more.
Just make sure you know how to use: it is not a DI but a transformer isolator line level. An ID that fits any signal at a microphone input. A transformer for isolating insulator is galvanically line level signals.
Typical uses of the DTI (i) isolation (to avoid ground loops, it is placed at the input of an amp), (ii) the balancing of an unbalanced signal (preferably on-line) eg for an aux send to a remote receiver (iii) the desymmetrization of a balanced signal (preferably on-line) to eliminate parasites.
Another interesting aspect of the DTI is the panel connectivity it provides. This is a real toolbox adapters connectors.
I noticed that the price has increased (I had it for 35 € at the time), which is a shame because it is an almost indispensable tool.