Art PB4x4
moosers 11/24/2011

Art PB4x4 : moosers's user review


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The Art PB 4x4 is an power conditioner for powering up the outboard gear in your home studio. Of course you can use it to power up whatever you'd like, but the fact that it sits in a single space rack mountable unit highly suggests that it's best place is sitting in your rack under all of your outboard gear and used for powering it all up. The unit has eight power outlets in the back of it. The nice thing about the Art PB 4x4 is that the outlets are far enough apart from each other where it's possible to fit power supplies that aren't of the standard IEC size. This probably isn't going to be a problem most of the time, but it's definitely something that I've run into before when I used to own a Furman power conditioner of the same ilk. This is definitely a lot more sturdy than it's Furman counterpart as well and seems like a more long lasting unit. It also helps that the PB 4x4 has a surge and spike protector system built in, saving your gear from potentially harmful voltage if something jumps up. You'll see this kind of thing in the Monster power conditioners but definitely not usually in something like this where it's so cheap. You can definitely find yourself a cheaper power conditioner like the aforementioned Furman, but I think that the Art PB 4x4 is worth just a small amount more in the long run. It's nothing fancy but it has everything you want and need in a power conditioner for a reasonable price. One day when I get a ton of outboard gear for my home studio I'll definitely pick up a few of these. Get a few Art PB 4x4's and you won't have to worry about a power source for a good long while...