Behringer SHARK DSP110
Behringer SHARK DSP110
Shake 12/17/2004

Behringer SHARK DSP110 : Shake's user review


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For once in behringer, a product that offers the most part, the fact that good and no frills.

Prampli, phantom
Noise gate (effective)
Time limit (not usefulness)
Compressor (limiter plutt actually, but it is quite musical)
24 dB low cut much more enjoyable than the 6 dB switches that cut anything
Anti-feedback, you know? Magical. You light, you touch anything. That's all, and it works.

No need for manual, the stuff is really well thought out.

The +: it does not fit the level of prampli converter, but rather the level of the converter pramp>> need to juggle SETTING THE gain. I do not know, and I find this idegnialissime.

The -: the invitation 5ms latency for all devices numriques mid-range. As I play the sax I dab but for a drummer can be Gnant.

This is really pramp prcis and transparent, I do not understand what happens when they fuck with behringer pramplis of playschool on their consoles, and a pure prampli this shark is not supposed to be one??

A few blows with a high gain dynamic microphone rotten, but sound great with a static or a lectret. Awesome, nothing but the pramp justify the price of toy.


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>A Quality Sound (1 / 10)

Nule shit.
shit for 50 dollars more you got a presonus lamp, the comparison is made ​​soon!
Manir and any feedback destroyer is nothing less than your scne ing sound is one sucks.
it's good, what, at worst you can feedback 3 sec it does not matter, no need to fuck the harmonics.

o you go out to you??
It so happens that I also have a presonus lamp, and the comparison, she will
feedback in 3 sec with 1kilo faade, you'll get some friends, lol
This is not a bote prampli is a Swiss Army knife, and does not require a Swiss Army knife to cut a Laguiole, you follow me?
I ride rquilibrer Note 10 for advice
pfffff ...

Rcent purchase, for use in live pramplifier a saxophone before attacking guitar effects ... After months of research, shark silent simply the only product reasonably allow me to do a (I forgot: automatic adaptation of impdance both input and output)

He looks much indestructible, plus it is a keypad lock function (like on laptops lol) very useful since the bbte has not finished being walked on ......