Phonic PPC9000E
Phonic PPC9000E

PPC9000E, PA & Live Sound Accessory from Phonic.

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Countdown 07/01/2012

Phonic PPC9000E : Countdown's user review

«  Very handy! »

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First, I specify that I only use it at home ... therefore, the ever moving, my mind will not be interesting for those who want to use it to conduct in rehearsals or live!

Otherwise, it's a really handy device, on which all its branch units to trigger only one.

There are 10 connectors at the back (I posted a photo of this facade), and one forward. Remember to bring appropriate cables like this for example:

There on the front two retractable lights, downlight, which can adjust the intensity level with the "dimmer" located next! So remember to switch the recorder on top of your rack to light units as below than done.

I own this Phonic PPC9000 since 6/8 months. I've never tried other so it is impossible to compare, especially with the famous Furman.
He helps out the way I wanted, so I did it find any negative feature.
The price / quality ratio is necessarily very good.