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Meyer Sound PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • Meyer Sound UM-1P

    Meyer Sound UM-1P - moosers's review


    The Meyer Sound UM-1P is a stage monitor for live shows, designed to give the musicians on stage a proper sound to hear everything with. I'm usually not a live sound guy, but the studio that I work at recently had a show with a bunch of bands and th…

Translated user reviews
  • Meyer Sound UPA-1P

    Meyer Sound UPA-1P - i'an's review


    Meyer is huge, even for the house techno, ultra powerful, without altering the sound. evening, UPA 1P + 1 sub / side was dense. tested again upa p only, the same music, it can grow to an incredible level before twisting sound, aillor unfulfilled…

  • Meyer Sound SUB 700 HP

    Meyer Sound SUB 700 HP - k.yene's review


    Working in a sound box, I use this sub with CQ1, MSL4, Milo. is a sub with very little wave back (not like the 650P) and outstanding performance. a sub out of the ordinary which justifies its price can be frightening! if you have money to buy …

  • Meyer Sound UPA-1P

    Meyer Sound UPA-1P - axcess's review


    Here is a little of all that great, this speaker "sounds" like it should, UPA 2x, 1x 650P by side and you made a concert for 250 to 300 people (I suggest you to hang one under the other with the angle). The enclosure alone "sounds" not with a CD, for…

  • Meyer Sound UPA-1P

    Meyer Sound UPA-1P - Marcman's review


    True for EHJV bites. Against it by a PSE does death, it's heavy not practical move. For the price of this dbouche pit, you have a nice diff. some manufacturers building franais pregnant brown RAL8018; =) the ratio q / p is not the best, finally…

  • Meyer Sound UPA-1P

    Meyer Sound UPA-1P - dandevarennes's review


    Yes these little speakers are Chres, but they are worth their weight in gold, they are portable, small, and they have "features" amazing! The best story is that, when I got groups in the room or they thought I was working all (or almost) as c'tait fi…

  • Meyer Sound UPA-1P

    Meyer Sound UPA-1P - bara's review


    This is the "small" Systm Meyersound. A. any amplifier An HP 12 "and 3 compression." 1m Max SPL: 133dB Excellent sound quality, trs good power to weight ratio (35Kg). Config typical small room: two UPA-1P and 650P from a sub ct. Used as front-fi…