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All user reviews for the KRK 7000B

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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moosers's review

KRK 7000B
The KRK 7000B’s are yet another low cost option for studio monitors from KRK. I’ve used a lot of KRK monitors in this price range and definitely think that the 7000B’s are up there with the best that they have to offer for the price. These are passive studio monitors so you’ll need an external power amplifier. I’ve used a Crown D75 amp with it that was set up at the studio. I don’t know how different amps would sound with the 7000B’s, but they sounded pretty good with the D75. I don’t remember there being room tuning options but I could be wrong about this.


The sound of the KRK 7000B’s is really full with a nice low end response for a set of monitors that aren’t very big. They are perfect for a small or medium sized control room but I don’t think they’d be suitable in a larger professional room since they simply aren’t big enough. They are definitely near field monitors as they sound best when you’re a few feet away from them. In general with KRK I’ve been impressed with their low end response and that isn’t lacking with the 7000B’s. They also have great dynamics and seems to cover the full frequency range but compared to more hi fi monitors you can definitely tell the difference. These probably aren’t ideal to mix on but you can definitely do it in your project or home studio if you’re going to have them as an all purpose set of monitors.


Home studio owners should definitely take a look at the KRK 7000B’s and the other monitors that KRK has to offer because they are some of the best bang for your buck that you’ll find. These will take you a long way in your home studio but they aren’t going to be suitable for professionals unless you’re using them as your B set of monitors. Like any monitors, once you get used to them they will be lot more helpful to you but not too much adjusting should be necessary with the KRK 7000B’s as they are pretty true. Check these out today if you want a cheap but quality set of studio monitors for your home set up.