Tannoy Reveal 601P
Tannoy Reveal 601P

Reveal 601P, Passive Monitor from Tannoy in the Reveal series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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sw80's review"Solid and affordable"

Tannoy Reveal 601P
The Tannoy REVEAL 601P is a passive studio monitor with a 6.5 inch LF/MF driver for low distortion. The interesting feature of these monitors is that the bass ports are not on the rear of the monitors they are on the front. That will give you a better overall bass sound because it brings more space into the area where the bass ports. Normally bass ports on the back and most of us have our speakers close to the wall which mean you almost have to have bass trap acoustic pads for enhance your bass performance in your workspace. But with the 601P monitors you won’t need bass traps (though it will not hurt to have some) because the bass is in the front of the monitor giving you the perfect positioning in smaller workspaces and still keeping the bass nice and tight.


The 601p has a great frequency response range (63 Hz to 30 kHz) with a 1 inch high frequency driver and a 6.5 low and mid frequency pulp paper cone. The low end you will get out of this monitor is ok but it sounds so much better with a designated sub woofer. The mids and highs are both very clean and crisp allowing you to mix some of your harder to mix instruments easily.


The weight of this monitor is a little heavier than the average monitor (13 pounds each). The design of this monitor is very clean and stylish giving you a sleek black finish with white/silver trim and speaker cone. It looks great and sounds great. They are only about 155 dollars apiece so about 310 for a pair of them. They will most definitely sound better with a solid woofer though just to give you more accurate bass to work with. But you can use these just by themselves and still get a good mix.

moosers's review

Tannoy Reveal 601P
The Tannoy Reveal 601P's are a set of passive studio monitors. They are near field monitors and are pretty small. Of course since they are passive, they're going to require an external power amplifier to use with them, although I'm not sure if they recommend a specific type of them. I'm also not sure what power amp I have used with it, as the pair I've used is at a new studio that I just started up at. The monitors are best suited for monitoring during recording, and especially as a "B" set of monitors to contrast your mains. Still, you could use them as your mains in a smaller studio and mix on them if you get to know them well enough.


The sound of the Tannoy Reveal 601P's is quite good for such an inexpensive monitor. While I wouldn't recommend relying on them as your only monitors in a higher end studio setting, for home studio owners they are a great find. Even in a more professional studio, they can be great as a second set of monitors to compare with. They sound nice and clear but perhaps don't have as wide of a dynamic range as you'll hear in some larger sets of Tannoy monitors.


For the price, it's going to be hard to find a more professional set of monitors than the Tannoy Reveal 601P. These days there are tons of options when it comes to monitors, many of them quite cheap, but I didn't expect a set of monitors from Tannoy to be this inexpensive and I was surprised to see the price of them after I had used them. I was using them in a professional environment as well. Either way, they are a nice set of monitors in a smaller studio setting as they're definitely better than most of the options out there in this price range. Again, these aren't the best Tannoys, but just to have a name brand like that and have them be quality for this price is a great deal. Check them out if you want a very nice set of small monitors for your home studio on the cheap!