Fujitsu LifeBook C1320D Notebook
Fujitsu LifeBook C1320D Notebook

LifeBook C1320D Notebook, PC Laptop from Fujitsu.

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All user reviews for the Fujitsu LifeBook C1320D Notebook

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Average Score:4.0(4/5 based on 1 review)
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moosers's review

Fujitsu LifeBook C1320D Notebook
The Fujitsu LifeBook C1320D Notebook is a simple PC lap top that I've got on hand and occasionally use for audio recording purposes. I don't use this as my main computer at all, as I've got a Mac Book Pro and a Pro Tools LE system for that, but on my Fujitsu I do run Steinberg Wavelab and a number of other programs that I don't have or I'm unable to run on my Mac. As far as the technical specifications go, it's got a 2.0 Ghz Intel processor along with 1 GB of RAM. I'm running Windows XP Home Edition on it. While these aren't the most up to date specs, this computer definitely gets the job done for what I use it for. The RAM isn't much, so I can't run too many programs at a time, but it works fine if I'm running one or two programs simultaneously. As far as running Wavelab goes, I'm able to do quick mastering and editing jobs without running out of processing power too easily. I don't think I'd recommend it as a home audio computer however, as in the end it is pretty limited in what it can do as far as a home studios go. However, as a side computer that I don't use all the time for these purposes, it does the job if I need a PC or a specific program that I can't get on my Mac. If you're looking for a PC lap top for audio, this isn't it as I'd highly recommend that you look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a very cheap and simple lap top to have for personal uses and the occasional audio processing, it should be just fine. The main idea with the Fujitsu LifeBook C1320D Notebook is price as this can be had for a very reasonable priced used or new, if they still even make them. As far as simple PC lap top goes, I don't see too much wrong with this one, but definitely don't overestimate it's power...