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Peavey JSX user reviews

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - "Cool high gainer"


    The Peavey JSX is a 120 watt all tube head that was designed in collaboration with famed rock guitarist Joe Satriani and the engineers at Peavey. It is a three channel amplifier with clean, crunch and ultra channels which allows for great versatility…

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - " incredible versatility is the moin to say"


    This is a great amp, 3-channel ultra-versatile and easy to use: - Clean: very clean and neutral nickel for all styles. Even at high noise level remains clean clean, it does not saturate. - Crunch: from light bluesy overdrive to his big ROCK! + S…

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - " Precision"


    It has a 120w head in EL34 or 6L6 (your choice!) Preamp with 4 lamps. A three equa-band channel with volume, gain switch + a "fat" for crunch and lead channel, a master general, resonance and presence, and finally a noise gate with a single setting, …

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - " Super head!"


    View the previous opinion. Head very complete. Aesthetically it is a nice product. UTILIZATION Very simple. Is heated and go. The manual is present and explains all the functions but can do without. The footswitch request an adjustment period…

  • Peavey JSX Mini Colossal

    Peavey JSX Mini Colossal - samsara2a's review


    The amp is very good, very good sound power is enough for me even in TIMES ... if you do not hear is that you play too hard and that there 's a problem of cohsion sound in the band ... I speak of the TIMES ... or the goal is to work .. we do not b…

  • Peavey JSX 412 Slant
  • Peavey JSX 212 Combo

    Peavey JSX 212 Combo - Nigel's review


    212 specific JSX 120W or 60W via switch 3 channels EQ per channel Volume per channel Noisegate reverb Presence & Dynamics loop in / out parameter 3-button footswitch: Crunch / Lead, clean, effect I put 8 as the footswitch is quit…

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - Green_Pintade's review


    The beast is a head lamps: - 120W (no switch "half power" as the combo, hlas: it is because of this tiny dtail I am not 10/10; o) - Section power: EL34, but can be configured in 6L6 (the switch has rear) through re-rglage of bias - 3 channels,…

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - speed3286's review


    120 watt all-tube, no staff, just a prescence, and a blade resonance what idea?? UTILIZATION I do not have the manual, However, this head is really easy to use, 3 Channel, each with their settings midle bass treble volume and gain for 2 channel…

  • Peavey JSX Head

    Peavey JSX Head - krma's review


    I totally agree with other opinions dj posts. It is clear that the channel IMMEDIATE directed my choice to the JSX, not too typ amazing dynamic, it becomes almost superfluous to change both the micro and flatterers prcis rglages are, even with a dble…