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Peavey Escort user reviews

  • Peavey Escort 5000

    Peavey Escort 5000 - "Peavey Escort"


    Peavey Escort Portable PA. I am a professional Karaoke DJ. All the stands will fit in the case and there are two compartments on each side to hold microphones and other small items. The cord is plenty long enough to spread the speakers out aprox 20ft…

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - "Peavey Escort 2000"


    After an exhausting investigation about this gear and its pros and cons, I finally got it yesterday. I got it in a downtown store in Mexico City, for $5400 pesos (about $570 US Dollars). As a Live performer (piano and vocals) in a Lobby Bar, I was …

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - "Peavey Escort 2000"


    I purchased this unit from Lanham Music in St. Joseph, MO to replace a Fender Passport 250 system. The purchase price was $529.00 PROS: 150 watts stereo power 5 channels: 4 w/ XLR lo-z jacks and 1/4" hi-z phone jacks. Channels 1 - 3…

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - Marcus Oil-Len's review


    I have over 10 years ... I love the fact that it is solid, not expensive for the quality it is, and has phantom power, which is handy when using a condenser microphone. the sound is correct and powerful enough for concerts in bars. sorry for the dela…

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - " Excellent value for money!"


    hello I've had 5 years is compact and efficient! the sound is very good and the table is perfect (if not too many anyway ... Made in USA quality mean nothing to the appointment I do it again without hesitation that choice is an ideal design for l…

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - Jimmy38's review


    Hello, New at MATIRE I presents to you my dream: - Accordionist singer, I would sound to me to increase my animation capabilities 1- At departure: A son + 2 mic connection box enough pace (no tie and headphone son would be a plus, but it will …

  • Peavey Escort 2000

    Peavey Escort 2000 - yodan's review


    For 2 years I use it, no pb. Great little bike, it all depends what you want to do with! It is suppo lug around a car, it sets up in 5 minutes. With, I give voice lessons, I'm doing gigs in bars, only micro guitar. The sound is what it is, I thin…