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Peavey XR user reviews

  • Peavey XR 8600D

    Peavey XR 8600D - "Use with good mics"


    The XR 8600 is a 10 channel mixer that has effects right on board. It has 10 different inputs, it use to be my main mixer a few years ago. I loved how portable it was, it is not that light but it does have a handle on it to carry it with. If you are …

  • Peavey XR 8300

    Peavey XR 8300 - "Peavey XR 8300"


    For years Peavey has made powered mixers that are just all in one power houses. Play a BBQ, play a bar, the Peavey will offer all the power you need with a seperate power amp for monitors and mains. I wanted a ton of power without having to buy 10 …

  • Peavey XR 600C

    Peavey XR 600C - moosers's review


    The Peavey XR600C is a six channel mixer/amplifier for use with a PA system or something similar. I've used the XR600C a friends for band practices, although I don't own it myself. Each of the six channels has XLR and 1/4" inputs on the front and i…

  • Peavey XR 1212

    Peavey XR 1212 - " love"


    Quality 10/10 report / quality / price impeccable use with 2 martin audio f15 + better than the QSC strongly suggest proposed addition of S218 + martin audio amp 1 QSC RMX 5050 …

  • Peavey XR 684

    Peavey XR 684 - alcools's review


    - Features: - 2 x 200 watts into 4 ohms (or 4 x 120w) - 8 XLR inputs with power supply. Phantom - 2 channel stereo - 3-band graphic equalizer / Monitor / Effect Send / Line by - Digital Effect - Anti-feedback (well, instead of identifying…