ENGL Z-10 Footswitch
ENGL Z-10 Footswitch

Z-10 Footswitch, Pedal/Controller from ENGL in the Z series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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LordRiffenstein's review"Rock solid switcher for Savage120"

ENGL Z-10 Footswitch
When I bought my Savage120 years ago, I also got the Z10 to switch the channels of the am. You can also buy a midi-unit for this amp but the Z10 was the right choice for me at the time. I used it for about 8-9 years with the Savage 120 and later with a Savage Special Edition. It always performed flawlessly, even after somebody dumped his beer all over it.

The pedal allows you to switch the 4 channels of the amps and has 2 additional buttons to control one of the many options on these heads. The 2 buttons to the right have a hole covered with plastic above them that contains a series of dip-switches. With these you can select which of the extra options you want to control and you can actually combine some of them. This is a VERY useful feature. If I remember correctly, I used one of them to activate the 2nd master volume and the other one to control the rough/smooth switch on ch3-4 in combination with the 2 presence controls.

The Z-10 is build like a brick, mine saw a lot of gigs and even more after I sold it with the Savage120 and I never had an issue. The cable that came with it developed an issue after many years so I replaced it but as it's a standard cable you can get at a good computer hardware store. The only niggle I would have about it are the little plastic covers that protect the dipswitches. They aren’t easy removable and the 1st time I did that, I scratch my brand-spanking new pedal. Maybe Engl has changed this over the years because that was annoying.

Unless you want to go the midi-route, the Z10 is the ONLY way to control the Savage 120/SE!

Adamante's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL Z-10 Footswitch
The Z10 is pdalier Designed to drive the combo Sovereign 100, 120 and the heads Savage Savage Special Edition is - say that the amps possdent the "midi interface port." It controls, through its six switches, four channels of the head and two functions that you program the pdalier and corresponding functions of the head (change master volume, of prsence, triode / pentode, reverb 1 or 2, rough / smooth, speaker A / B). To program these functions, there is in the case of two pdalier slecteurs can choose which functions you want to enable for each switch, but attention should not only two functions are controllable on two switches at the same time, if a does not work at all. Two plastic cover for closing the holes that allow access these slectuers.

The chasis is trs robust, while mtal brushed the best effect. Above all, it is compact and lightweight. It works in power fantme because it must be plugged into the Midi Interface Port, by taking 25 Pin (like the one we used before to connect a printer on a tour of orninateur). A big 7 meters of cable is sold with the pdalier to be able to plug into the amp.

The only criticism I would have done in this regard pdalier swtches two caches function 1 / 2. Because you need to know what is going to want fontions drive through these two switches, because once the caches are mountains, there is no way to remove them. Sr Although it is still possible to accder slecteurs, but you disassemble the eye, which takes some time, if a certain ... temsp In fact, a problem is encountered especially when you have a Savage Special Edition Head, because it is the head with that one can choose between 7 diffrent functions (for The Sovereign 100 Combo, there are only two functions, Master A / B and Reverb A / B, so there is no choice), so we must Prior to this well rflchir we want to avoid having to do a power of bricollage which would be okay.

A by that, I think this pdalier gathers all the qualities of simplicity and robustness of efficiency, so that I would do all this choice if song.
I put 9 because of the hidden extras inconvgnent of plastic.