PSP Audioware 84

84, Software Delay/Echo from PSP Audioware.

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All user reviews for the PSP Audioware 84

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moosers's review

PSP Audioware 84
The PSP 84 is an in depth delay plug-in that has all sorts of filtering and other effects in addition to delay. I no longer run this plug-in within my current rig ever since I made the switch to Pro Tools. It does come in VST and RTAS formats, and I was running it a VST version of it in Cubase SX. I can't recall having any problems installing this plug-in if I did have any, but the process should be easy enough unless you are having some sort of technical issue. The interface of the plug-in is pretty in depth, and it definitely took me a couple of uses to be able to recognize everything going on here. For me it was really just about trial and error to learn all of the parameters, as this isn't your typical effects processor and it will take a minute or two to get a grasp on everything. I haven't seen the manual, but if you can get your hands on one it might be a good thing to have handy.


Until I switched over to Pro Tools a number of years ago, I was running the PSP 84 plug-in on a Hewlett Packard PC lap top that had a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I ran it as a VST plug-in in Cubase SX 2.0 mostly, and later on in 3. I never had any really bad issues running the plug-in since I used it somewhat sparingly and only in situations where I was looking for some complex delay. However, it is a plug-in that will take up a good amount of processing power, so if you don't have the quickest system in the world you probably won't be able to run too many of these at a time.


I overall feel fondly of the PSP 84, as I think it's a very powerful plug-in that has a lot to offer. It's sound is generally clean, but to a degree does sound a bit digital. This isn't too big a deal considering the type of plug-in that it is, and the PSP 84 more than makes up for this with it's versatility. I also really like the presets that it has to offer, as many times I found that some of the presets were better than what I could do with it myself, or at the very least were good starting points. This plug-in isn't too expensive, but isn't as cheap as I think it should be, which is really my only complaint about the PSP 84. Otherwise it's a very good sounding plug-in with a great design and sound bank.

songboy's review

PSP Audioware 84
So far there has been no compatibility issues.  This, like many plugins out there, is a reproduction of a real Hardware rack unit.  Because of that, I haven't used the manual as I have used a few real delay devices before.  Most of the virtual reproductions of hardware devices are fairly simple but this sucker has a lot of options on it, more than I am used to when it comes to a delay unit.  Once you look at it and play with it for a little while though, it becomes far less daunting.  All the functions are right in front of you, however, I hope all plugin designer adopt Logic 9's option of increasing the size of the plugin, therefore making it easier to see.  I feel sometimes I am squinting at the computer screen trying to see exactly what I am selecting.  Kind of a pain.  Other than that, its pretty easy to use.


The software works correctly in Logic 9 and Ableton 8.  So far I haven't had any crashes or lost presets.  As for performance, I have to say I really like the sounds of this delay.  Because of the "VCO-SWEEP" option, you can really tweak the delayed sound itself.  Overall, I give it a 10 out of 10.  I am sure the real deal sounds better but I haven't had the privilege, but I have to say I find myself using this delay on a lot of tracks, especially synths.  I have been using this synth for about a year.


What I like about this most is the VCO Sweep option I mentioned earlier.  I don't think any other delay I own gives me this option.  It basically causes the delay time to rise, rise and fall, or fall according to how you set it up.  It also causes some pitch shifting too.  Overall, its kinda of a hard option to really dial something in that you are wanting but it is fun to experiment and make some whacky sounds.  1 out of 5 times I do that, I get something I like. 
This is one of my studio partners plugins, I do not know how much he paid for it.  The sound quality is spot on, I give it a 10 out of 10.  I have used a host of delay programs such as Logic and ableton's built in options as well as PSP's 608 multi delay.  This one is a good competitor for all of those and I definitely love to use it when I feel like making crazy sounds.  Yes, I would definitely buy this one if I didn't have access to it already.