Schertler David Classic
Schertler David Classic

David Classic, Portable PA Speaker Cabinet from Schertler in the Classic series.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 4 reviews )
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phraseland's review

Schertler David Classic
This is a transistor amp for acoustic instruments. Scherlter is a company based in Switzerland and they have specialized in designing pickups and amplifiers.
The David is probably the most popular amplifier Schertler is building and is especially liked by classic guitarists. But it can also be seen in a lot of other applications (violin, mandonlin, etc.)
It has basically two channels (with EQ) and a built in nice sounding Spring Reverb.

Getting this amp to sound good is no chore. You can use the EQs to shape the sound quite nicely and the two inputs (mic and instrument) make it possible to use the built in pickup of an instrument along an external microphone.
The manual is very simple and very clear at the same time. Like other amps by Schertler you can also find a few product specific featurs on this one (i.e. 10V Phantom Power for their Dyn Pickups).

The sound is very clear and warm at the same time. When you play a classic guitar, violin, mandoling or something in a similar frequency range this amp is perfect. It doesn't weigh a lot and has a very good carrying handle.
If you are playing Cello or steelstring guitar then you might want to look into a bit more power (s. my review about the Schertler Unico). It's not that these would sound bad on the David and if you usually play quite gently I would still go check it out. But the Unico has more dynamic headroom and projects these instruments a bit more balanced.

I have known about these amps for about five years now and built quite a good customer base in the store I used to work at. They are not cheap but you won't regret spending the money as these amps seem built to last. Schertlers customer support is very good and they really care about the quality of their products.
If you are looking into buying an acoustic amp also check out AER (more expensive), SR Technologies (also very good) or Roland (cheaper but also doesn't sound as good).

arianevj31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler David Classic
This is a bi-amplified active speaker with a power of 80 watts.

The connection is complte trs: a first channel combo XLR / jack to plug in a microphone, a jack deuxime with switchable between "line" or microphone. Phantom power (switchable) from 48 v on the first channel, 10 V on the second.

Little regret, the absence of RCA connectors for line input which would facilitate the connection of external devices such CD or sound card.

The David offers a high-class reverb analog adjustable on 2 levels, channel and master.

Each channel has a 3 band equalizer (high / medium / low) trs effective.

Jaures AIM knobs that are notched or back of dots to facilitate rglages, including stro use.

This amp is simply amazing. Jai does so thrilled that I bought a deuxime jen!

It allows damplifier happily all kinds of sound sources:

- The voice that I first cest lusage fate. It offers this level, coupled with a good microphone (DPA 4061 jOperation a) an incredibly transparent amplification.

Lorsquil works, if some scart meters, is the singer alimpression itself produces a large volume trs and amplifies the voice not nest! Cest simply miraculous.

- The David have advantageously replaced between them via online lensemble amp / speakers in my string HIFI: the power and dynamics offered are impressive trs

- They also allow me to effectively damplifier trs numrique my piano Yamaha in my services scniques

- They serve me too, thanks their transparency and monitoring Fidler DSurround plugged into the sound card The computer in my home studio

In short, if linvestissement dpart is important, the quality and versatility of this amp fully justify its purchase

The sounds are simply obtained Fidler source that you want to expand, which to me seems to be the essential quality of an acoustic amp.

Project, but the sound is not PForm. This allows to use this device in the demanding classical music or the opera.

However, depending on the purpose it is quite possible to make some changes thanks the great equalizer and reverberation Intgr springs.

I use both David for about 6 months. I am satisfied beyond any expectancy at. I would do without hsiter the same choice.

darzyt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler David Classic
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Very easy to use. This is an amp

I use an Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe and plays guitar in the second of Brassens.
The sound and the power suit me.

I use it for 2 years
I like its weight, but I regret its power. I played again with my old jazz band, and I found myself running out of power. Before I had a Carlsbro Sherwood Junior 60W and gave David much more than that in theory makes it 80W??
Another note, I do not understand the position of the handle located on the side.
Personally, I've added one on top.
I recommend it anyway, but in small groups, and would do the selection

execut's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schertler David Classic
Bi amplification (class A fi) 80w rms 2 channel reverb eq settings all connectors nothing is missing

The use of very simple
one branch and 15 min roxx serious

Personally it adapts to acoustic to all styles, not just the guitar that has since c is an acoustic amplifier to the largest sense.
the voice comes out really well with a precision that I have never heard of an amp just in the studio, a real treat.
the guitar I will not even mention the sound is so so hot powerful lens.
the feedback is nonexistent and the definition channels mixtures (guitar + voice) is fabulous ...

Simply bleuffant in its powerful sound a warm clear and precise.
a fabulous reverb to the guitar and singing.
Swiss manufacturing suffers from any of about the stuff of all pro .2 channel connectors
dual amplifier (class A fi ca not laugh) the aer 60w combo that I m ​​about to buy is exceeded at a price equivalent. Call the bank before the move you will not try to push off ....