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LD Systems Powered PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • LD Systems DDQ 15

    LD Systems DDQ 15 - " Top notch"


    Listened demo, this speaker associated with the huge DDQ SUB 18 form a war machine. Wholesale and nice sound for prestas outdoor and apparently impeccable build quality, probably one of my next investments if my group projects ahead require more powe…

  • LD Systems V 12A

    LD Systems V 12A - " Outsider interesting"


    Equipment purchased in July 2011. Made three dates a week with my small group. I was looking for a system capable of delivering a proper power in a smaller footprint and staying within a budget affordable. The goal is reached, the sound is clear, pre…

  • LD Systems Stinger 8A

    LD Systems Stinger 8A - " Very good"


    I just receive them. I tried many model and the best value I've seen in 10 years of sound! Very lightweight (11kg), ultra compact, integrated mixer for an external microphone, preset bass / treble and especially unparalleled precision and power …

  • LD Systems LDE 152 A

    LD Systems LDE 152 A - " Big disappointment in this product!"


    I use this product for over 4 months and each time it is a huge disappointment. I make the concert sound and lighting, evening entertainment etc. ... I used a large panel of broadcast system before and I must say that HP is by far my biggest disapp…

  • LD Systems LDE 152 A

    LD Systems LDE 152 A - Jmm061048's review


    Two weeks They are a little bulky but not overly heavy. They do not rsonnent plastic, and the little inclined (a great for not having the background cho room). The sound is good and trs prcis with a large reserved. It's true 500W RMS ...!!! I h…