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Spectrasonics Resources/audio samples user reviews

  • Spectrasonics BackBeat

    Spectrasonics BackBeat - CalouZic's review


    - For Stylus RMX Loops Wav or loops (sold separately) for other samplers. - You can edit the loops in the sequencer because they are so slicées "REX". Basically if the bass drum or other item is not placed as you wish, you can edit the groove, i…

  • Spectrasonics Burning Grooves

    Spectrasonics Burning Grooves - vivalazik's review


    The samples are. Rex is that they automatically adjust to the tempo of the project. These samples couraging the battery with Abe Laboriel Jr! one of the major groove of the plant ... It is easy to implement, clear instructions ... no worries. S…

  • Spectrasonics Bass Legends Vol.1

    Spectrasonics Bass Legends Vol.1 - H.Noury's review


    I work with the Roland format (native format of the collection). The Akai format is, for the rest, I do not know. The CD contains low multisamples (all is very well), but also the reasons for low jous by these monsters are Marcus Miller, Abraham La…

  • Spectrasonics Hans Zimmer Guitars Vol. 1

    Spectrasonics Hans Zimmer Guitars Vol. 1 - H.Noury's review


    I been working for many years with the collections "Hanz Zimmer Guitar", Roland format (native format of the collection, by the way ...). It is a magnificent collection, trs music, timeless as perfect. She is multisample instruments to play (there …

  • Spectrasonics Bizarre Guitar

    Spectrasonics Bizarre Guitar - Geo la bidouille's review


    Audio on CD Instuments efx and loops, all created exclusively from the guitar SOUND QUALITY Yes, of course! Yes, multiple tempos and tones Yes OVERALL OPINION ? No Yes, alien guitars Excellent Yes …

  • Spectrasonics Retrofunk

    Spectrasonics Retrofunk - superkat72's review


    AKAI, size wise for Stylus RMX, ROLAND; audio SOUND QUALITY Excellent! trs Varis, but well done for the funk .. OVERALL OPINION I Using colored for 5 months in Stylus RMX. I import my retrofunk, everything worked well trs. This kit is great, …

  • Spectrasonics Metamorphosis

    Spectrasonics Metamorphosis - Bournakis's review


    The set includes four CDs filled to the brim! As always the quality of samples from Spectrasonics is to go, what propels the bundle METAMORPHOSIS topping the charts. A little advice: if you love synth sounds slightly "compressed" (cf Violator - Depe…