ADR68K, Reverb from AKG.

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All user reviews for the AKG ADR68K

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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U-FLYstudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fabulous .............................
Effect of the late 80's (1988) which is very similar ergonomics 480L for the famous lexicon,
2 IN / 4 OUT, allowing programs with split algorthym Publishing and spare!
found inside the hall, flat, room, bedroom, delay, phazer, chorus, pitch, reverse, gate etc. ...
The remote control looks very (cardiology center of 90's) but is quite common and practical.
something weird on mine, the XLR is upside down and while the rack, so if it is possible to the bottom of a flight, perfectly inenlevable APRS connection!
know! inside a selector to choose between 100/120/200/220 and 240 volts, a lil default finally deport the transformer out of the rack and the rear cooling vents are so heavy and fixs the right rear of the rack, a screw in a rack in height and in vacuum (without rack below), end up twisting the rack, so it makes sense to a rack prvoir below! or ask at the bottom!!


Very easy to use, we edit all the parameters via sliders that are at numbers six,
many parameters for the era, only one cable between the remote control and rack-unit (unlike the TC M5000 or lexicon MRC) very inconvenient to move, which is Yet the desired effect for an edition dport!


I love, great reverb tails, a powerful machine, which eproms standards, "quasiement the size of a biscuit!" gnre sound module or purpose, strong and hot! in short I'm going with it for use on Philharmonic until mix of rock and jazz, she competes and exceeds the 480L for the halls, on platforms great for solo instrument or voice, the chambers are hot, and many effects also type (gate, not linear or reverse for fans of the MDGs, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode and normal for an airline .....) cre machine in 1986!
vulgaris is all without the high end with a good signal to noise ratio, converters very musical and some programs even more beautiful than the 480L.
is almost as well as to have a PCM70, a lexicon 200 and 480L,
ADR68K the fair is a kind of middle between three machines is


A superb machine, very little known
So the original sense of the word!
output a very HIGH price it will not find the success of a 480L or even later with a M5000 that Exceeds allgrement yet and in any points, I think is one of the best machines ever built

Today it all the same rating in 2000 euros, comparable only Bricasti M7 today!