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All user reviews for the Alesis MidiVerb II

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blackle's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)"The clothes do not make the man, but the fine feathers make fine birds."

Alesis MidiVerb II
This is a digital reverb that also has some effects of time and some chorus / flanger and pan. Note the conspicuous absence of transposition effect, EQ, or even crazy filters. Therefore remains the key. Connections are made in jack for audio and for the Din Midi. Another jack is for connecting a pedal for operating with ease bypass.
99 effects are available, but it is in the vast majority of cases of variants. For example, a hall will be more or less bright or dark, more or less long or short. It is therefore very simple.

Three rotary knobs adjust the input, the live / mix effect and the level of output level.


What could I tell you? What about really useful? Not because it is so simple to use that it will still although I manage to write a few lines to remain credible. Maybe start at the beginning? You are right. So editing effects is very simple and good for the sole reason that they are not editable. But then what good are the 7 buttons soft rubber / eraser of the facade? Come on, it will get better after kidding. They simply used to call numbers memories in a bank, which are displayed on the tiny screen all red and all core. They are also used to program some patch in order to recall a memory Midi example. To select the desired MIDI channel or save assignment briefs. Besides for the Midi nothing fancy either, navigating in waters known for a long time.

Something that would have been good, it is the addition of an intermediate light to light-signal-and-OVLD (overload for short), indeed Midiverb tends to saturate rapidly with serious consequences for the less. A small orange light between the green and red would have been simple and tasteful. A bit like the road traffic signs. I go green, orange I slow down before I stopped and red I stop. Here we go from green to red directly, which may cause some accidents.


Son? you told her? The effects are, but then far from being ugly, despite the age of the beast. Reverberations there is something for everyone. Long, short, dense, stunted, inverted, the spoiled too, clear and dark green and unripe. I find myself very friendly these reverbs, though of course it is important not to try to compare them with reverberations far more modern and expensive boi-boxes.

The flanging / pan are pretty good and are not devoid of interest. On a Fender Rhodes is very nice. on the other hand for chorus I find this Midiverb average, they lack breadth and depth plus a slight tendency to thin the sounds they are supposed to be larger. I like the time also able to regenerate two shot ladle. But again do not try to compare them to other from most advanced machines. Midiverb this is not a Yamaha D 5000. Moreover, as the deadlines are not editable more than reverb for the kings of the repeat measurement must be quite a stroke of luck for them to match the right time.


She has been exposed to all weather conditions during his already long life Midiverb, and despite that it is still sprightly. I bought it used there nearly 15 years, and she was already far from young. Yet it is still and always there, always ready, proudly showing off her lights. To believe that the ravages of time not any effect on it. It was part of my very first purchases and I never really had the feeling of having to part with. And as for my old Digitech DSP 256 XL, I am always very happy to see from time to time the old boi-boxes if typed at the same time always interesting. It is also true that with her I always feel to a sacred journey through time, with at times a feeling of being able to meet my ancestors.

I love this little creature, and although it will certainly seem strange to you, I remain convinced that it retains a special place in the company of our other items in boxes yet more sophisticated.

If you are looking for the extra practice and expensive toy I would strongly advise you to seriously consider this Midiverb 2, who despite his age and obvious compromise will bring you much more than you could imagine .
And you know all the words? -It is in the old pots that the best-soup. Keep you to say. But not!

Archaeologist Sarah :)

johnhenry69's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" But what she was doing the"

Alesis MidiVerb II
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Easy to use.


Inexpensive, 50-hand.
O and guess I think this rverb, to Davout Studios, one of the biggest anything.
Indeed, among the range of M2000, PCM70, 480L and other high-end there was a MIDIVERB (all connected to a Pro Tools HD and SSL G4000)! Amazing, and they used it!
The level of noise is much more cons than other machines lev.
So without making a comparison on the sound, the finds buyers among rverb larger, because its offering honnte.


Believe me these for a studio, well, if you mount a studio with analog feel to it, I think it was worth it for the price, was well UNESCORecords effects rack better invoice.

tordure's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis MidiVerb II
It's not ditable is preset so at least it's simple and square must have the above list of patches (for eg time delays).
There's all the classics, they are a quality honest, you want to say standard, no frills.


Extremely simple because we test each one after the other using as it not move ...
So-called twelve o'clock saw the name, it is actually very little you can just change the patch and plug a pedal ... I think
(Note I do not see what else we could do given the architecture of the machine ...)


Trs not sound profound, but when the same quality,
signaltonoise apparently good value, although I have not Verify by measuring ...
16 \ 44


I find it really useful (I myself used to make breaks to delay live, make loops reverbs, or in the reverbs compresssion sidechain compressor ....)
especially nice if it was already a more complete multi-effects like the M-ONE.
and a flea market prices ....

Illustra's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis MidiVerb II
Date: 1987

The list of effects numrique (numbering 99):

01 Small Bright .1 Sec
02 Small Bright Sec .2
03 Small Bright Sec .3
04 Medium Warm Dry 1.1
05 Medium Bright Dry .6
06 Large Bright 1.2 sec
07 Large Dark 1.0 Sec
Medium Dark 08 .6 sec
Medium Dark 09 .5 Sec
10 Medium Bright Dry .6
11 Medium Bright .8 Sec
12 Large Warm Dry 1.0
13 Large Warm Dry 1.1
14 Medium Dark 1.0 Sec
15 Sec 1.1 Medium Bright
16 Medium Bright 1.15 Sec
17 Large Bright 1.6 Sec
18 Large Dark 1.7 sec
19 Bright Medum 1.65 Sec
20 Medium Bright 1.9 sec
Large 2.2 sec Warm 21
22 Large Warm 1.75 Sec
23 Large Bright 1.45 Sec
24 Large Dark 2.2 sec
25 Large Warm Dry 2.3
26 Large Bright 2.4 sec
27 Large Bright 2.5 sec
Warm Xlarge 28 5.0 Sec
Xlarge 29 15.0 Dry Warm


30 Slow Gate 100 Msec
31 Slow Gate 200 Msec
32 Slow Gate 250 Msec
33 Slow Gate 400 Msec
34 Slow Gate 450 Msec
Fast Gate 35 150 Msec
Fast Gate 36 75 Msec
Fast Gate 37 200 Msec
Fast Gate 38 100 Msec
Fast Gate 39 175 Msec


Reverse 400 Msec 40
Reverse 450 Msec 41
Reverse 250 Msec 42
Reverse 200 Msec 43
Reverse 150 Msec 44
45 Bloom August 1 Sec
Reverse 500 Msec 46
47 Reverse Regen. 2 Sec
48 Reverse Regen. Sec 8
Bloom 2 49 7 sec


Triggered Flange 50
Flange 51 Pan 1
Flange 52 Pan 2
Triggered Flange 53 2
54 Pan Flange 3
55 Pan 4 Flange
56 Pan Flange 5
Triggered Flange 57 3
58 Pan Flange 6
59 Pan Flange 7


Light 60 Chorus 1
61 Light Chorus 2
Medium 62 Chorus 1
63 Medium Chorus 2
Chorus 3 64 Medium
65 Deep Chorus 1
66 Deep Chorus 2
67 Deep Chorus 3
68 Fast Chorus 1
69 Fast 2 Chorus


70 35 Msec
71 55 Msec
72 75 Msec
73 115 Msec
74 140 Msec
75 155 Msec
76 160 Msec
77 170 Msec
78 175 Msec
79 180 Msec
80 185 Msec
81 195 Msec
82 205 Msec
83 210 Msec
84 220 Msec
85 240 Msec
86 250 Msec
87 275 Msec
88 375 Msec
89 460 Msec


90 2 Tap Ambient
91 3 Tap Pan
92 Multitap
93 Reverse Multitap Pan
94 Thickener / frozen Flange
95 Generation Stereo
96 Generation Wide Stereo
97 Regenerated Delay 2 Sec
Regenerated 98 Delay 3 Sec
Delay 4 Sec 99 Regenerated

Control of the depth of the effect with potentiomtre MIX rglage volume of in and out.

PCM technology in sound quality with 16Bit 16Bit 44Khz (CD quality). Dynamic range: 85dB, Distortion 1%

The effects are not editable, but good to great pity considering the price its assets are used by others.
In connection jack 3 "5, between stro (-10 to +20 dBV), Stereo output (effect: 14 dBV Bypass: +20 dBV). ConnectU OUt + MIDI Through (to allow call to patch effects, useful when used in an environment squenceur MIDI).

MODEL 19 "


The simplest configuration, select effects numro by entering the patch, the possibility to patch memory 32 (for use midday, a call can effect a squenceur by the "program change ").
Setting the MIDI channel of rception (1 16)
English manual for my part, fortunately it is not essential.


Reverb, warm and captivating, the chorus and flanger adquate for the use I make with my keyboards, they are LGERS just need to give color to the sounds, the gate and no reverse fault, a set ensomme homogne. I just t by the delay of my good I think it's a personal choice as this lack of diffusion in the effects.
I use mainly with my MIDIVERB from Yamaha SY22 is a synthesis of the inconvnient chantillonage who had to have a bit of breath and a 12bit quality, with the MIDIVERB it gathers all its magnitudes and full of color (and reverse gate reverb adquate for his ground long the reverb for Rhythmic and leads and finally the chorus and flanger for BASSS numrique and pianos).
The MIDIVERB is not limited for use with an analog, because it tends to remove the color by consquent vintage pedals I use a guitar to a zoom 505 rput for its color but a little cold for such as a keyboard is perfect juno (the delay is masterful on pedals cettte) because it does not attack its vintage.
With my TX81Z, synth Fm I associate with the zoom MIDIVERB, and it's surprising your exact.
Compared with effects plug on pc I find it more dynamic and warm.


I use it recently, about 1 week. It Intgr a small config I have for the time being atttendant to see better.
I chose the MIDIVERB because I work a lot in afternoon and late hardware keyboard with 80 beginners 90. I wanted a homognit in my config to find your exact sounds and 80-90 with MIDIVERB is compelling.
I got 50 which seems to me as honnte gives its capabilities.
BCAN a try for fans because its sound asset RSID 80-90 in the heat it puts in the Tone of the patch with a quality prcise (no breath, no dcrochage , no distortion of the effects). In short an enjoyable machine super easy to use.