Alesis NanoVerb
Alesis NanoVerb

NanoVerb, Reverb from Alesis in the NanoVerb series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 3 reviews43 %
 2 reviews29 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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phraseland's review

Alesis NanoVerb
The reason why I bought the Nanoverb was to have a small portable unit I could take with me to gigs. Quite often at smaller venues I see that there is maybe one single Reverb Unit for the mixing board - or even none at all. As it is not really the job of the sound technician to supply the equipment (unless of course it is a requirement) it still is good to have a plan B around.
So I purchased the Nanoverb from Alesis. It is really straightforward and the sound is not astonishing - but the quality is enough for most live applications.
The effects can't really be edited. There is an 'Adjust' knob that sets a fixed parameter (i.e. frequency of Chorus and so on) but that doesn't really qualify for editing. Also not Presets can be saved. This unit is truly 'quick-and-dirty'.
The whole thing is of course digital and has a stereo in, stereo out and bypass out on the back.


As I already mentioned the unit is truly straightforward. You have five knobs on the front: Input, Mix, Output, FX select and Adjust. So basically choose one of the 16 presets (Chorus, Delay, Flange, Rotary and Reverbs) and see what the Adjust knob does to the signal. That's really it - the manual really isn't needed.
The unit is built very well and the five knobs give a very easy overview on the parameters - this is what makes it excellent for Live. If you want to you could build 3 NanoVerbs into one Rackspace.


I found the Chorus, Flange and Rotary to be ok at best. I don't know where I would be using them - surely not in the studio. And Live I just don't really need these kinds of effects.

Delay and Reverb are very nice for Live applications - again in the studio I am not so sure. I think I would prefer a Plug-In or look for a more specific effects unit.
The reverb sounds are quite dense and you need to be careful to not make the signal too wet. In the right ratio they are very usefull - too much and the signal is lost in a sea of sound.


I bought this unit a few years ago and must say that I have not used it as much as I intended to. It is however nice and small and Alesis has always been very good at making good quality devices for a decent price. I don't think I would buy it again as there are simply better solutions out today. On the other hand I am not willing to sell it because its construction is very solid and it is very easy to adjust the sound.
Emmanuel Delahaye04/24/2014

Emmanuel Delahaye's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple and effective"

Alesis NanoVerb
Conventional stereo digital effects presets (reverb, delay, chorus etc..). Compact case (probably not rackable). Adjusting the depth or duration. Dry / Wet mix. I / O 4 TRS. Activity indicator and saturation. Setting the input and output levels.


Used instrument effect (dry / wet) and indeed console (100% wet). In both cases, the result is satisfactory and can get out of tricky situations. Obviously there is certainly better since ... It lacks fine adjustments on the effects ...


I mainly use 'hall' and 'flat' on guitar, vocals, violin, flute ... Personally, I do not like too much delay in general, but some like it ... They assume their choice!

Never had the opportunity to test chorus, flanger and rotary ... not very popular in the traditional ...


more than 15 years ... perfect reliability. Value attractive price, but it is certainly better now. Very compact, always on hand to help me ...

I would do the selection with newer hardware, yes ...

-Livingroom-'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rotary interesting, but low-end reverb anyway!"

Alesis NanoVerb
multi effect modulation by i / 3 U rack, so all digital. The steel hull gives it strength over time in terms of shocks, but the subject is very sensitive to dust, humidity etc ...


There is a control button and a selector effect so it is not complicated at the same time is very limited when it is known as a reverb is already difficult to configure with lots of buttons!


I find cold and very usable effects, they go with what the price, the rotary is the surprise of the box, because it is a neutral and not too tooth so the digital side. The chorus are toy, and reverbs are mostly unmanageable, and those that are, they are not natural.


I did not keep it long because I had no use! There is no need to hang a rack still a pedal for guitar offers better results for the same price! The money is great but in terms of quality ... It remains in the Alesis anything. It is good to start with, or in support.

Guillaume1979's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis NanoVerb
- Multi-effect digital entry level with pay 18bits.
- Many effects but we particularly note the reverbs.
- Little choice in editions the wet / dry mix knob and an effect setting (reverb for the length, the repetition time for the echo, the rotation speed for the leslie ...)
- Stereo input and output mono compatible. 1 input for connecting an FX pedal for triggering the foot


Use, could not be more simple.


I love all the reverbs which although very connoted digital reverbs (algorithm) is no shortage of heat and may also have a certain cachet following uses.
It can be used on any instrument and voice.
The chorus is nice too ... in fact I regret the delay doubles FX who mix with reverb or chorus with reverb ... It's not bad but they are the only setting button rarely allows to reach the desired setting ...


I use it for over 10 years .... and I think there have been reprints since the first version I have.
I regret that crachottent mainly knobs ... Not cool when you want to move into live settings ... I also regret not generated the breath machine that is not always negligible and finally I think the PSU is much room for improvement ... (Ronflette. ..)
If not for the price it's very good to begin

Eric6767's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis NanoVerb
T says it all


- The configuration gnrale Is it easy?
The edition of sound effects or is it easy?
trs simple
- The manual is clear and sufficient?
yes for beginners and another is no need


I use it mainly for the karaoke microphone and in some cases for the songs


- How long have you use it?
4 years
- What is the particular feature you like the most?
It is small and easy to use
the collection's outdoor power supply and rack it so close and connect it permanently and not possible to dye without any cut
- How do you report qualitprix
- With the exprience, you do again this choice?.
yes no hsiter

Maolyn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis NanoVerb
All dj t said, see the opinion Previous.

Let me just a little correction: the format is one-third of rack. Oh and I do not see is the phaser o ...


_The Gnrale configuration is extremely simple
Trs _L'dition sounds is limited, so simple
_The Manual ... is useless! ;)


_The Effects are good, especially the last rverbs - though the chorus & the "rotary" (Leslie?) Are not too bad either
_J'utilise Processor primarily for voice, but it is also perfectly suited for any type of instrument (guitar, piano, etc.)


I just got it.

The two big for me NanoVerb default: no on / off buttons (it sucks to have to unplug each time), and especially the big ugly default: one for deuxime rglage dire effects! Especially for the delay in fact, one can rgler not that hard and feedback, which is disabling trs So do not buy this processor especially not for the delay (unless you are really looking for a simple delay with a single ... rglage).

The strength of NanoVerb (from the effects in themselves are good) is that it is transparent trs - and does not blow at all, even high volume. Nickel of the cot-l. Trs pro.

Conclusion: rverbs for good, I think you will find hard to better prices l. In short, it was worth the money, not much more.

ouaza's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis NanoVerb
Half-rack box format
the rear input and output jack Stereo format!
On the front: a power LED and LED signal goes to red when saturated! A knob of rglage level of a mix of rglage (the traditional dry / wet), an output level, which allows a Crant select the effect and finally one for the last SETTING THE effect.
At the effect it has on offer:
- Type 3 rverb hall
- 3 rverb room type
- 3 rverb type flat
- 1 chorus
- A delay
- 1 phaser
- A flanger
- Rotary 1
- 2 shuffled effect (reverb + chorus, reverb + delay)

So it's extremely simple but bjective this little box is not to compete with a true multi purpose! The concept is rather to propose an effects processor for reverb of quality and which also need to offer other small effects! THE FIRST CHARACTERISTICS this box as to not color the sound dpart!!
I bought it knowing the CHARACTERISTICS that level so I would put the 9!


The reason I bought this little box is that I did not rverb on my marshall! So I was looking for something neutral in terms of coloration, which ignores the ax rverb and offered especially nice reverb! The whole right price!
The use is so easy there is only one button SETTING THE fact which is also frustrating because the reverb is top notch and we love him well from time to time to rgler other than the size of the reverb (I think of decay, for example ...) Anyway again I was looking for a reverb on my amp not a multi purpose! This level and the ca yrpond completely!


Well I must say that t bluff! The reverb is really top it is a pleasure, me a fan of the following type rverb hall, I'm thrilled!
At the other end ca is not necessarily as well! Because the problem is that the chorus type effects can not be rgler that speed is the main parameter! And not being able rgler the depth of the effect or its gets really problmatique Tone! The effects are convincing but the use trs's frustrating not being able to just rgler! Same for the delay!

Brief the Reverb is gnial! (Ca falls that's why I bought it but the rest is really less! Basically it is what it is I ddi the dpart Whereas other anecdotal effects!
I put 9 for the reverb!


It's been 2 years now I have, as I said I love reverb hall that fit me really well! And generally all the reverb are top!
I chose it rather than pedals MODEL or another is basically to have an impact as neutral as possible and not color my sound dpart!
The price is definitely right!
Today I think I do it again this choice or I'll have a M300, which is more expensive but much more complete! but in this case it would be mostly because I can use it for my home studio!!

Overall I am really happy! of 9 or