Alesis PicoVerb
Alesis PicoVerb

PicoVerb, Reverb from Alesis.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
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PierreGP's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis PicoVerb
Rverb ultracomptact processor - made in Malaysia.
8 rverb types of effects and some other more anecdotal.
All adj t crit level CHARACTERISTICS, except that it lacks an on / off switch and finish and quality of matrial is recessed relative to the nanocompressor m my builder.

Even when there is a thread rack below the unit and will integrate its System.


Ultra-simple and intuitive.
No possibility of edition, but ultimately, the better.


The reverbs are simply good and transparent, in short quite sufficient for my use, information on live voice and PR via a table.

No effect of rverb extreme, amateur or cathedral effect "space vehicles" refrain! All rverbs are of good quality.

Question mark for the effects chorus, flanger, delay and rotary that I never use.


This device should I use trs well: We arm, turn the knobs, a ring.
The rendering seems to me better than a rack without behr ergonomics, much better than a spring reverb amp, and at least as good as a preset TC helicon quintet.
It lacks only a power switch and must stop rgler the problem of the small size will integrate for the System.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Alesis PicoVerb
Little reverb: 39mm x 108mm x 135mm weight: 460 gr

24 bit A / D / A internal processing in 28 bit 48 kHz sampling

Reverb: 2 halls 3 rooms flat 3
1 2 1 chorus flanger chorus with reverb delays Room 2
A rotary speaker effect a karaoke removing the center lane
No paramtres ditables

Jack inputs and outputs by 6.35 only:
2 between right and left (the left is also of mono)
2 outputs left and right (the left is mono output)

Rglages: 1 volume and a mix between

Book with its power supply adapter (nice for the price!)
and instructions ...
Cost: 99 euros (650 francs)


Rverbe trs efficient and above all easy to use: few rglages ....
Just rgler the level of and mixing between the direct signal
signal line and can not be easier!
Well some people will find that lacks a bit of a paramtres ditables
but I think it's the strong point is not making head or 50,000 rglages test!
Any c'tait as a fawn on the guitar amps: SETTING THE only shuffled
point bar!


Trs rverbes good, we can find happiness!
It is a rgal the headphone, it embellishes a quick piano sound a little flat
gradually adding the reverb piano becomes raliste, we see almost the wood!
Also perfect with the guitar.
Well the chorus, delay and other effects are less because the interressants the fact that they are
ditables quickly becomes not a handicap!
The effect karaoke: bof removes the center channel too and everything in it even the so-
would like to keep or leave some traces of song as it is enregistbr /> with lots of reverb. I had heard this kind of effect on a PC with a small software
I think like cooledit c'tait and stunning, a Johnny Cash and many people did all the bar
will and all the musicians remained on scne!
In short do not buy if the only effect that interests you. For info only Picoverb
possde this end, the NanoVerb possde do not.

I RALIS few samples of reverbs in wav format for more ism,
the determination of reverb is a bit EXAGRES to better discern the Difference
between the types on offer, each file is about 850 kb!

Original sample without reverb (

Hall 1 (

Hall 2 (

Plate 1 (

Plate 2 (

Plate 3 (

Room 1 (

Room 2 (

Room 3 (


I prfre reverbs other effects, good is my true Premire reverb,
not too much of references in the field since before I was content to those
of my effects (Digitech RP50 and Zoom 504) n'taient not top that.
I finally discovering what a rverbration worthy of the name and all the subtleties
it brings the sound, really like gniale MODEL initiation and more effective.
Ideal for guitar amps do not possdant.
His only default: the price is close to the NanoVerb but processes the signal into 24 bit against
18 bit for NanoVerb this may be explained cel!
In short a good choice trs I would do.