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Roland BK user reviews

  • Roland BK-9

    Roland BK-9 - "16 tracks sequencer is useless and other bugs"


    After I bought this keyboard, I thought it would be good. But it was not. The sounds are good, and that's all that is good. I thought the 16 tracks Sequencer would be perfect, but no. You can not record in the same key transpose that you have selec…

  • Roland BK-9

    Roland BK-9 - " Great keyboard!"


    After several Yamaha keyboards including a Tyros 3 kept for 5 years, it was almost normal to pass Tyros 5 after the deadlock on the Tyros 4. The only problem is the price around 4200 € (61 ratings + € 200 in 76) ... in short, out of the question to p…

  • Roland BK-3

    Roland BK-3 - " a nice surprise"


    61-key effect section provided very only one audio output I / O noon, USB host and device many sounds, well documented and edited in performance no sequencer but you can register two seconds to capture "the idea of ​​the century" UTILIZAT…

  • Roland BK-5

    Roland BK-5 - " An orchestra all by himself!"


    - 5 octave keyboard arranger / 61 keys - Sounds: 1172 sounds + 60 drum kits (drum sets) - Rhythms: 305 rhythm in 6 families rhythm + dial - Section Multi-effects: 8 reverb different, different chorus 8, 84 types of combined effects, parametric …