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Roland Cube Bass news

  • Roland CB120XL Cube Bass Review

    Roland CB120XL Cube Bass Review

    10/17/11 in Roland CB-120XL

    If Ikutaro Kakehashi named his company with this typical European name, it wasn't to honor the famous traditional song of heroic deeds. Since its inception the company has been committed to export, and the first goal of its founder was to find a name that was easy to spell and original enough to attract attention.

  • Roland Cube-XL Series Shipping

    Roland Cube-XL Series Shipping

    06/06/11 in Roland CB-120XL

    Roland is now shipping the new CUBE-XL BASS Amplifier series.

  • [NAMM] Roland Cube-XL Bass Amps Series

    [NAMM] Roland Cube-XL Bass Amps Series

    01/14/11 in Roland CB-120XL

    Roland announces the new Cube-XL BASS Amplifier series, an update to the bass amp segment of the Cube amplifier family.