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MakeMusic Score writing software user reviews

  • MakeMusic Finale 2014

    MakeMusic Finale 2014 - "Just buy Sibelius"


    Well here we are again, Finale. I don't know why I expected better of you because you never deliver. Too be honest I only even have this software so that I can still look at work I did in University, where Finale was the program we all had to use in …

  • MakeMusic Finale 2007

    MakeMusic Finale 2007 - "pretty basic music notation software"


    MakeMusic Finale 2007 software wasn't hard to install as I didn't have any compatibility issues or any other problems upon installation.  While there is a lot going on because there is a lot that you can do with the software, the interface of the sof…

  • MakeMusic Finale 2004

    MakeMusic Finale 2004 - "Expensive but good"


    Make Music Finale 2004 is a music notation software. The general setup of Finale is pretty simple, especially with a MIDI keyboard. The typical functions are pretty easily accessible; more complex functions are somewhat more difficult to get used to …

  • MakeMusic Finale 2006

    MakeMusic Finale 2006 - mooseherman's review


    Finale is quickly becoming, if not already, one of the most popular music notation programs on the market today. My college used it exclusively, as are many universities and conservatories around the world. I didn't have a really hard time setting it…

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