SD Systems user reviews

  • SD Systems FX1

    SD Systems FX1 - hic's review


    - Have you tried many other models before acqurir? - Can you recommend an other models? - Do you know sell new or used? Thank you for your rponses. …

  • SD Systems FX1

    SD Systems FX1 - steffguibo's review


    1 year of use, not yet changed the battery very good system for the flute excellent value for money, tried with condenser microphones this has nothing to do This is the system for flute …

  • SD Systems SX-1 MKII

    SD Systems SX-1 MKII - ti_mangous's review


    I use it for a week. J'apprcie principle binding on my sax Alto, trs well tomography on the roof and the position rgalble the microphone. Micro tend to walk around on its support so I suggre quellques small fasteners such as used for the cables. …

  • SD Systems LCM 82

    SD Systems LCM 82 - toots's review


    System with two cardioid microphones eletret a case with fantom 9v battery or power supply one I have (12 years ...) consists of two microphones positioned one above the left hand, the other attached to the pavilion. This works pretty well ... bu…

  • SD Systems LCM 300

    SD Systems LCM 300 - zitouni's review


    Recovery system for accordion LCM300 SD Systems including: 3 electret condenser capsule suspension Accordion adaptable attachment system (right hand) attachment system to scratch and flexible (left hand) housing adjustment and preamp power s…

  • SD Systems LCM 300

    SD Systems LCM 300 - mr bricolage's review


    Micro portable accordion 3 back-electret condenser microphone cardioid-unidirectional 20-20.000 Hz -66 MV 200 Ohm 139 dB 9V or phantom power 48-52V + / - 1 mA XLR balanced output OVERALL OPINION I use this system on my accordion…

  • SD Systems LDM 94

    SD Systems LDM 94 - Flöten Lusthof's review


    This is a wireless microphone for alto saxophone and tnor. Like any product, it has default and quality ... 1. Qualities: it is stable trs on the roof of the instrument, it captures the sound of the trs though no sound of bagpipes cls (because t…

  • SD Systems LCM 77

    SD Systems LCM 77 - jls42's review


    Trumpet cell type capacitor. OVERALL OPINION There is no photo, is by far what it does best as a cell for trumpet, both in terms of sound quality and both in aesthetics. Finally it is very light and allows you to play a sourdinne. For more infor…