Sequential Circuits
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Sequential Circuits user reviews

  • Sequential Circuits Studio 440

    Sequential Circuits Studio 440 - granpulpo's review


    The two features this machine are completely overwhelmed ... (c is somewhat of a dinosaur) it possesses unique features for cons .. UTILIZATION The usage is very simple once freelance philosophy of the machine. eficace edition, no frills. env…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 600

    Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 - RicoPulse's review


    Five-octave keyboard non-dynamic (no VLOC the sensitivity), the Prophet 5 is the first MIDI synthtiseur. And if the implmentation of the standard basic fact is, most is Submitted. The connector includes a mono output, two connectors for pedals, and b…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

    Sequential Circuits Prophet VS - Phil93's review


    Tpo USE Top SONORITS Top NOTICE GLOBAL CAUTION ago PROPHET VS and Prophet VS. As Moog or Oberheim, there were several fabrications. (Source doc SCI and Wine Country) This is some of the models "keyboards" that are touchs, some do…

  • Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

    Sequential Circuits Drumtraks - radikal's review


    Drumtraks the box is a rather special in that it has a look "vintage clean" with sounds from samples. Like its cousins ​​Linn Drum or Oberheim DMX, the Drumtraks is equipped with EPROM which can be replaced. This system allows hackers to incorpora…

  • Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

    Sequential Circuits Drumtraks - Getaurel's review


    6 separate outputs SOUNDS: KIK SNARE RIM TOM1 TOM2 CRASH RIDE HiHat HiHat CLAP TAMB COWBELL CABASA TUNING AND ITS VOLUME assigned to each Sequencer and fastoche ultragroovy UTILIZATION 1 hour max learning No need for manual SOUNDS The…

  • Sequential Circuits Pro-One

    Sequential Circuits Pro-One - hadoq's review


    It is a monophonic synth, monotimbral. Two oscilloscope waveforms with stackable, a low pass 24dB/oct rsons. 1 3 LFO waveforms also stackable. A 2 ADSR envelopes for filter and one for the amp. Opportunities for modulation quite impressive for …

  • Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

    Sequential Circuits Six-Trak - Sebounet's review


    49 keys, lacquered wood cts ... At first glance, the syxtrak looks like a toy ugly. Then you look a little better, and aperoit the (small) sequence, (lightweight) arpgiateur, the programming buttons, then costs a little better, and we feel very heavy…

  • Sequential Circuits Studio 440

    Sequential Circuits Studio 440 - Anonyme's review


    Machines as actually more! a thoroughbred! read on! UTILIZATION As I said the other dj: THIS MACHINE IS WILD, its sound and its use are Drout habitus for the sp and other mpc, but satisfaction After a few days of use! ngatif one point, the pa…

  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-5

    Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 - Docteur Frog's review


    5 octave keyboard - designed by Dave Smith Synthesizer Synthesis soutractive -* The pure analog. There are references in the world of synthesis, leaving an imprint for all time; The Roland Jupiter 8, the Minimoog or the Moog 55, Arp as the 2600 or…