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Smartelectronix user reviews

  • Smartelectronix Asynth [Donationware]

    Smartelectronix Asynth [Donationware] - "Free Download and Solid Sound"


    It feels like I have had SmartelElectronix Asynth forever now, it has probably been about 5 years since I first installed it on my laptop at the time, it was just a simple Dell laptop but Asynth worked great on it. Everything with this Freeware VST w…

  • Smartelectronix Anechoic Room Simulator

    Smartelectronix Anechoic Room Simulator - moosers's review


    The Smartelectronix Anechoic Room Simulator is a Windows only VST reverb plug-in. I haven't had the capability to use this for a few years as I'm no longer running the Windows based Cubase system I was running when I was running this. The plug-in i…

  • Smartelectronix MadShifta [Donationware]

    Smartelectronix MadShifta [Donationware] - moosers's review


    The SmartElectronix MadShifta is a free pitch shifting plug-in that was actually developed by SmartElectronix and Toby Bear Productions in tandem. The plug-in is available for both Mac and PC systems and in both VST and Audio Unit plug-in formats. …

  • Smartelectronix Taurus [Donationware]

    Smartelectronix Taurus [Donationware] - moosers's review


    SmartElectronix's Taurus is a free software synthesizer that is available in VST format and for PC only. It's a software emulation of the classic Moog Taurus bass foot pedals. It's been a while since I had this software installed on my system, as I…

  • Smartelectronix Fire [Freeware]

    Smartelectronix Fire [Freeware] - moosers's review


    Smart Electronix’s Fire plug-in is a multitap delay plug-in that is available for free. It comes solely in VST plug-in format, but it is available for both Mac and PC operating systems. The process of downloading and installing the plug-in should b…

  • Smartelectronix Phase90 [Donationware]

    Smartelectronix Phase90 [Donationware] - moosers's review


    The SmartElectronix Phase 90 plug-in is a phaser effect plug-in that comes in VST format. It's also a free piece of software. It is modeled after the MXR Phase 90 pedals, as the name obviously states. You can download the plug-in free straight fro…

  • Smartelectronix H20 [Donationware]

    Smartelectronix H20 [Donationware] - moosers's review


    The SmartElectronix H20 is a compressor plug-in that can be downloaded for free in VST plug-in format. I'm not running this plug-in anymore since I switched from Cubase SX to Pro Tools a number of years ago. From what I can remember, the process of…

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