B-52 LG-7512
B-52 LG-7512

LG-7512, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from B-52 in the LG series.

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iamqman's review"nah not my thing"

B-52 LG-7512
The B-52 amplifiers are sort of the low end type of amplifier company that really tailors towards the budgeted musician who is looking for something pretty inexpensive and self explanatory across the control knobs and dials. These answer kind of busy sounding in my opinion and they don't really articulate dynamics very well. They don't have a very good sound in general but I find that the people that they market their products to our really looking for the total bliss that you would find in high-end amplifiers of some sort or even boutique amplifiers. These are the kind of amps that are going to give a beginner or learner something to feel comfortable with. So I have to keep in mind that these simple solid-state combos art for the professional music musician in mind but rather the person learning to develop their guitar skills as an entry level form.


LG-7512 features and specifications

• Custom built, heavy-duty B-52 12” speakers
• Overdrive Channel: Gain 1, Gain 2 with contour,
• 3-band EQ and level control
• Clean Channel: 3-band EQ and level control
• Master volume and spring reverb

• Effects send and return with level controls
• Footswitch for channel select,
• reverb on/off, gain select
• Pushswitch for channel select, gain select
• Dimensions: 25" x 19 " x 11"
• Weight: 51lbs


This guitar is basically a two channel amplifier that has a simple clean one and gain two with a contoured control knob. You often also have a basic tree band EQ as well. It comes with a spring reverb which doesn't sound that bad actually. You can switch the reverb on and off to your total needs. In addition there's a headphones line out so you can play relatively comfortable with silence playing or you can just unhook back and run a line out into a mixing console or your computer if you have an interface to do so. The cleans are probably better than the gain and a sense that they get sparkly and chimy type of clean tone. The solid-state is not can have a whole lot dynamics and you're really not to feel that to feel that you'd feel out of the tube amplifier. Overall it's a decent amplifier for the money and for someone who's looking for something inexpensive.


These products of been discontinued for a while so you can only find them in the used section of classifieds. Generally the B-52s amplifiers you can find in many guitar retailer such as the big outlet guitar retailers of Sam Ash or guitar centers. They usually carry this brand so if you're looking for something local I would start with that. You can always be found online to which is a more comfortable easier reach but again you won't build a plant. This is not a bad amplifier for the money if you're looking for something to learn how to play the guitar with.

pekinoi1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B-52 LG-7512
Transistor amplifier, 75 watt sub dlivrant 8 ohm (100 into 4 ohm)
connections: jack of, headphone jack, line out jack, footswitch jack (reverb + gain) 2 output jack on the other speaker (8 ohm output and 4 ohm)
SETTING: In clean: level, bass midle Trebel
saturated with 2 gain (for 2 channels) in a contour ratach 2em channel, bass, midle, Trebel, volume
and all under an adjustable volume and reverb ...

is not life grand?


-Configuration is very simple, one branch is lit, you put the volume is turned 2 or 3 buttons on the walls ... Arache
-The sound is pretty easy you get a Polivalente s'aproprier sound has to be.
-The manual? What's a serving?


Yeahhhhh Yeahhhhh Yeahhhhh!!
its just a really nice little rev with rglage!!
good versatility ....

-But where is the lamp??
-Hum ... y 'no ...

I operate a small home ...... Randy Rhoads JACKSON course!
and it's really fun trs, even though my guitar does not have a clean exeptionnel, when I get out even at something interesting ...


I use this amp for almost a year, I love his sound its power and simplicity of use ...

it is also robust trs, trs manufacturing neat and solid consquent inevitably lead to a weight, which is not necessarily fun when you have a afronter steps ...

The report price is not bad quality even if it is still expensive compared to some brands that make this amp catgories.

the trick tip top to finish it: SMALL WHEELS come with !!!!!
but what more? lol

trs good amp

darksniper's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B-52 LG-7512
- What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?
Amplification Transistor
What is the power delivered?
Amplifier with an output of 75 watts into 8 ohms

- What connection?
Well like any guitar amp, a 6.35 in Input Jack, a headphone 6.35, 6.35 output Line out jacks, and then two still 6.35 on the back for the effects loop.

- What are the settings, the effects? ...
The equalization is done through three knobs, Bass, Middle, Treble on each channel (Clean and Overdrive). The overdrive has 2 gain settings, gain 1 and gain 2 the latter comprises an adjustable contour, at least not for making tray needs to know how to use 10.
Small details to the most technical of you:
Low + / - 15dB at 50Hz
Middle + / - 10dB at 600Hz
Treble + / - 18dB to 3kHz


- The configuration is it simple?
Extremely simple, the action of the knobs is immediately feel there are very bored not need to tune in 3 / 4 in order to perceive a change in the color of sound. A good overdrive channel for which, as I said above, has an adjustable contour.
The carves are easily, and we quickly find the sound you are looking.

- Gets it easy to sound good?
Personally "good sound" I have not found right away, not because of the amp, but rather because of my old guitar, and then by chance I try a Washburn WI64 Relic a friend and it was love at first sight, I have sold the, and, yes I found "the right sound" and I would say even my son ...
In conclusion this amp complies with the grain and character of the guitar on which you play so for a ca.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
And although the manual ..... er not need it if you have two hands and a brain that should be enough to make use of the beast.


- Will it fit your style of music?
Parfaitement.Je plays the blues, and a lot of Pink Floyd and compos rock / prog rock with my band. So for the blues it accommodates the animal very well, playing well on the volume knob and the split of my Washburn sounds wonderful crunch j'obtient always on the edge of the clear, warm overdrive to round extremely rich in harmonics. You can also get a lot more screaming overdrive and incisive, but that I am already less fan.
Then when moving the second overdrive channel is to say the regalge Gain 2, the AC sends a sec ... distortion to take off the wallpaper of the neighbor. This gives a distortion always clear for rhythms and leads that come to play a large field of hard rock but not metal but good on the other hand is not in my field of play The distortion on this channel is not runny at all, if you play correctly on the regulation of the guitar itself and those of the amp of course, because I reptete knobs of the amp is very efficient and precise as s 'to use it. This amp with a huge presence, I play in groups and not need to put the volume to hear me 10 I set my EQ properly and go !!!!!!

- With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
I play a Washburn WI64 relic, I breack The Blues 2, which sounds great with this amp, a Jack Hammer, and a delay Line 6 Echo Park plugged into the effects loop.

- What are the sounds you prefer, you hate?
Then the clear sound is clear and deep, nothing more to say except that it is very very good and complies with the dynamics of guitar playing.
The overdrive on channel 1 Gain, well I love it, it is on this one I play most. The sound pallete of this channel and very large, it's going round and warm sound of crunch, has a very rich overdrive harmonics, which can be very hot, going on its very InSIC it according to the settings, as mentioned above, but it is always very clean.
Gain 2 channel I play a lot less on it, but respect the distortion very well the dynamics of play and with my guitar j'obtient sustain Hell game for Lead.
Those are the sounds I love most. For those I like least and well there not because I see what my amp can do and not what he can not do. Basically j'obtient a sound that suits me perfectly.


- How long have you use it?
I use it for a year.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
Well what I like most about this amp ca mentioned above (the sound, normal for an amp), also sold with wheel and footswitch which is a good place for a B52 so, and what I like the least weight, heavy enough when to go down the stairs to reach the cave in which is repeated in a mate and also to remove it from the trunk of my Super 5, which is close enough ... lol

- How would you rate the quality / price?
Exellent !!!!!! Nothing to say a very good sound, making the United States (guarantee of quality and know-how), a box that looks strong enough, a footswitch sold more smoothly, full of large and small details that make me this choice would do again in a second.
I will put 9 in overall rating because no one is perfect ....


datsu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B-52 LG-7512
Transistor amp, 75 watts and a 12-inch HP.
Connectivity plutt complte: between Loudspeaker supplmentaire for the footswitch, headphone jack, effects loop ...
2 channels and a boost in the crunch channel, with contour rglage trs effective.
The more traditional rglages low mdium, aige and reverb.
Comes with footswitch in mtal (3 buttons: crunch, boost and reverb) and rollers.


Sounds? Excellent!
Easy to get, thanks to the buttons on rglages effective.
The manual? No need.
For footswich is simple thanks to three LEDs that correspond to the three buttons, if light is turned on. simple.


This amp is a model of versatility.
Test with an Ibanez with a buddy and Willow's in store, this amp sounds fabulous.
Clear sound, crunch, saturated ... amp rpond well nuance of the game, he slams into funk and pummeled by heavy.


One day test with my friend several times in the shop (if in hindsight I change my mind, j'crirai public apology)

The most: the quality of sound, the formwork, the footswitch ...

Cons: Plastic knobs and rubber (note for those who practice it transpires, has slipped over the fingers)

Accessory comes with an amp that sounds hell, assembled in the United States, a report qualitprix amazing ...

I'll buy the 100 watt version, and I will test the full range lamp diponible in my friends shop of a famous Nogent sur Marne (whom I thank and hello by the way).

So in conclusion, B-52 is a registered monitor.

bobafett_ordmantell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B-52 LG-7512
Transistor amplifier
75 watts 8 Ohms
A clear channel and a channel in a saturated dclin overdrive and distortion gain more pchue name, so basically 3 channels with footswitch.
gain settings for all channels / input / output and bass / midrange / aigus.rverb. contour.


The rglages are simple, whether for one or other of the channels, we gain the RULES of the bass / mid / high, the output level and go. this is not an amp or it will take the head to find a sound, you plug the little scratches, it lights the rveil neighbor and after turning two three buttons we send the pure direct.
There is a small rverb that my taste is more gimmick than anything else. We can rgler contour at the channel level 'gain' cool.
This gives a good sound very easy matter since the amp rglages a hit the base. The guys who are working to challenge music nancy believed they had an amp to light the very first time they have played it. There have disassemble mm to be sure that there was no lamp pramp train but none of this is all transistor and gives ca.
The manual? not needed so the machine is simple


This amp suits me very well, either for or mtal rock. This is an amp with mm when a lot of mdiums I find, but gain with the gain of the bottom, bass / treble to maximum and the mini mediums, ca sends sec.
My guitar is a Jackson soloist team in SLSMG EMG 81/85, and I play multi without effect. I possde a Korg Ax 1500G and affirm that this type of multi effect can dnaturer carrment the sound of an amp of this type. Otherwise, I find this amp to him MRIT adding a small BOSS Super Chorus pedals, but that's according to the taste, I find just the lack of clean sound a little something.
Good sounds are Obviously I get dry and cold I saw the guitar, and I did not test the amp with other guitars.


I've had a few good months, it really is an amp that surpase other of its class I think.
It is really cool for her fet easy to use, it sends the sound, and then the report qualitprix course.
I have yet to exprience on this amp, but it left my air so that we do a good bit of road together two of us, so yes I would do the choices mm.
poppy artt06/30/2005

poppy artt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

B-52 LG-7512
Amplification Transistor
Lg-7512 75 watts RMS Solid-State Combo 75 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms 110 watts RMS @ 4 OHM 12 "high power speaker. Three foot switches with LDED CONTRL. Dmontables Clean channel: Volume Three REGULATION of the Overdrive channel: Volume, Gain 1, Gain 2 with contour settle three times REGULATION: Class AB1 slab, tube class A, solid-state switching channel: LED display, or tracers to Amp on the foot switch is provided rglent:> Kanal/Gain1/Gain2/Reverb <other CHARACTERISTICS: Volumes of Matra, Reverbvolumen, Earphone output, adjustable line output effect adjustable send and Return, Ground-Lift switch


I have not had


Trs a good clean channel sound, can be a bit too serious.
and the drive is over a killing.
I play on CORT (M600 and G270) one of his characters a quie, singular.


1 month
I purchase with wheels, too practical. it's the little extra.
rapprot qualitprix the good I had to - 600