Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Roland Cube 60 Vintage

Cube 60 Vintage, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 6 reviews )
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 3 reviews50 %
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tierif's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the old stuff still there"

Roland Cube 60 Vintage
it makes me feel funny to see a review on this kind of oldie but it turns out that I have the 40w versions.
2 inputs, normal and gain OD, 3 EQ and a master vol.
I always serve it with pleasure is to connect a gypsy guitar with a touch cell, an archtop or so mostly I use it as a cabin with the power amp and just portard volume master and I swear it serious dispatch!!


simple? yes we can easier it dates to about 1970 and it's solid. I bought used in 75


it is hot enough to have a jazzy type sound in the "normal" channel ... for input over drive is also found better there's no doubt but good. beautiful spring reverb worth a detour ...
it is more a super powerful speaker, I am even served back stage!
I have a small 120w return which not spit more


I have since 1975, I used most often with a preamp simulator amp plugged directly behind the "in" the power amp for répettes it keeps me too heavy to bring lamps with I use live. I do not know if you can still find this kind of stuff but in any case I will treasure for her and I also admit sentimentally ;)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A small amp for jazz!"

Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Amp transistors (thus "dépannable" if ..., but there is never fault with these little wonders!).
A clean circuit and a distortion circuit (not great!). A spring reverb.
60 out of 12 watts. "
Its neutral, therefore, ideal as a small amp travel and jazz!


Easy to use amp. No unnecessary effects. Easy to carry because barely wider than the 12 "board and about 10 kg. Quickly put in the trunk of the car without killing your back. And on stage (small room or repeats) is connected and play!


As said above, is not suitable for large rooms (though ... it is connected to the table ...) and not for all styles: he pulls out of the game for the rock. For the blues, it will surprise you. For jazz, a nice little tool for a budget between 120 and 150 euros cheaper than a Mini Brute, AER or Schertler!
The start is neutral, so with an archtop, you will quickly find your sound. With your old Tele, you will ideally a good distortion, because the original distortion circuit is not terrible!
He collects great and the net remains to High volume.
The use of distortion circuit enables "warm" sound. But do not count on the integrated distortion, it is not terrible!


I bought 120 euros, and for quite some time during use for my jazz and blues. Easy to carry and a beautiful sound, regardless of the used guitar (regardless of effects we can add. Again, it's your taste decide.
I tested the new versions of "Cube", with all the built-in effects, but I had very quickly made the rounds and got rid. on the other hand, this vintage model, its simplicity of design, use and low weight, is likely to serve me for a long time.
Especially for the scene and the somewhat larger sets (but also at home), I have a Roland Bolt 60 1983 (hybrid, pre-amplification and amplification transistors lamps).
Can still be quite easily secondhand. For this price, do not hesitate!

hillmore's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Timeless"

Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Small combo 60W transistor, compact, heavy and sturdy. Fairly resistant coating and good taste.
Common settings already described in previous opinions. Well designed and very convenient assembly.


Very easy to adjust from clean to crunch friendly.


Very good companion for electro-acoustic.


A combo of reference for many musicians. The weight is a little high compared to newer models, but its reliability and timeless look makes it a reliable companion in all circumstances.

pastogroove's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" pure sound"

Roland Cube 60 Vintage
good transistor 80s, an effects loop, an overdrive and a 12-hp, the same as the jc 120!
we can say that jazz is a 60!

versatile and well originally designed, a wire that respect, although long and strong room for storing
a bright boost that the acute,
and a good style of the year 80 course!


config simple and efficient, UUE equation three bands, a volume, master, reverb, all in very good, it sounds almost immediately and with everything from electro acoustic too!


it is magic amp for clear sound, see crunch, if you forget the big rock sound, let say the result is particular. Its strong point is the clear sound and also when you conect a multi purpose type gt 8,! the reverb has resort has a very beautiful sound, and can be ordered with a footswitch as od, it has added Japanese manufacturing at the time, it is not on a brick!


it's been 15 years since I crossed, and still comtend seen, the heavy of resistant, from which sounds good and practical (amp power drawn for its 15 kilograms) of aillieur why Roland does not recomence production? even if the new well are no longer the same thing at all!

Micmic__'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Superb clear sound"

Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Transistors, Made in Japan (70/80)
HP 12 ", the same as that of the JC-120.
I am ready to bet that they have the same 60W power section (presents double in BC) and the same Pramp.
it's just that his little brother actually;)

For rglages and connectors, we find above:
two inputs "NORMAL" and "OVER DRIVE"
the "VOLUME" with the "PULL BRI.ON"
the equalizer "TREBLE, MIDDLE, BASS"
the level of "REVERB"
and a "MASTER VOL."

the rear:
both taken "FOOT SWITCH" for od and reverb
"PRE OUT", "MAIN IN" (surely a loop for effects, never tested)
then the switch "POWER OFF-ON" followed by the fuse.

Level making it's tough and heavy (not far from 14kgs), not a single default or in assembly or in the choice of materials; Level connections, there is everything you need.

8/10? Go 7/10 because I have good aim a volume knob ddi headphone jack and headset jack and the same as the power switch are placs it.


The equalizer is a bit galre rgler as very broad and reactivates (I know how lexpliquer), but in fact, it's a blessing in disguise.

The stroke of the reverb is a bit short I got, so no rglage extreme electro harmonix.


The clean sound is excellent, more transparent.
It meets at the just the sound of what is branchpour me, guitar, bass or rhythm box, I even test to see my stereo sounds and nickel in all cases (in mono, goes without saying).
The switch "Bright" is a bit like my "sonic stomp", a kind of maximizer, very well for putting.

! Overdrive, ouch, it really is not his strong point, to be honest, I "tried buying and even more quickly oublier.Je know how it sounds, if not c'tait that ugly.

So by against, given the quality of clean channel with good effects pedals, prampli and other multi-effects (a Korg AX1500G era), is happiness.

I am to 7/10 because of the OD that serves nothing, but as the clear sound is 11, I'll round up 9/10

yes, the reverb is spring and is very good my taste, even if it lacks a little race.


Perfect for multi-use instruments,
ideal compact configuration with pedal upstream preamp (I'll be curious to try a amt ss11 above)
60 "big" watt transistors that send very strong with good momentum,

I read that on the jc-120 configuration with bypass of Pramp was frquemment employee, am going to test my ht-dual,
I feel that I will not be the ...

Jojack's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 1985, 1986 ... 87, I do not know ..."

Roland Cube 60 Vintage
Transistor ...
I do not know if the HP was a 10 "or 12" [12 "makes more sense]
(Please send info)

Color as the picture.

(Approximately 2,500 USD at the time € 380)



A volume, "BRIGHT" in high position
Equal: acute, medium, severe
Maybe a master
Reverb ...


at the time Pop-Rock clean sound always Bright:
crystalline low but still good for a game, despite me when JJ CALE.


I used two or three years, sold the guitar that I had sold, "storm the bowl Fender"

If you have one in your attic thank you send me an urgent message ...