Ampeg Guitar Amp Heads Ampeg Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads
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Ampeg Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Ampeg ST-25L Olympian

    Ampeg ST-25L Olympian - "A rarer blast from the past."


    First proper semi pro band I joined had one of these. Used with a Hiwatt 4x12 cab. I was in heaven, a Cadillac as opposed to the clapped out Austin, Vox, AC30's I used up until then. Great reverb, a vibrato that sounded almost 'Leslie' like, silver…

  • Ampeg Vh140C Head

    Ampeg Vh140C Head - nickname009's review


    2 channels: Channel A: gain low,ultra mid, high and level. Channel B: Gain, low, mid, high and level. On board Reverb : Rev A and Rev B. On board Chorus: Depth A, Depth B, and universal Rate. Effects loop. UTILIZATION Just like the c…