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Sonor user reviews

  • Sonor Hilite Snare

    Sonor Hilite Snare - chicom's review


    Well now I finally buy the CC russi of my dreams: in the Hilite 5 "3 / 4! Circles mold beep bronze color red maple ... For the record, I heard this one day in DC caf concert and I really hallucinated on the quality of the machine balance, warmth, h…

  • Sonor Force 2005

    Sonor Force 2005 - lord stolas's review


    I have a strong 2000 and wanting to have two bass drums in the same SERIES knowing that the new force in 2000 are no longer manufactured, I had to buy two bass drums force in 2005. Its been 3 weeks that I have, the sound goes well with the rest of my…

  • Sonor Delite Maple 14 x 5" Snare

    Sonor Delite Maple 14 x 5" Snare - Anonyme's review


    I recently played the snare drum 14 "x6" who was in a backline. It was a directory funk / pop / rock. Nickel. For a guy's job, it will be terrible in any other context. Never heard of this model before. Little publicity. I rarely heard sound …

  • Sonor Force 2005

    Sonor Force 2005 - youpi0904's review


    Model 2005 special force six barrels. CC 14 "5.5 toms 10x10, 12x10, 13x11, 16x16, 22x17 GC, 5. I use it for two months, its rich and deep, beautiful finish (white pearl!), Accessories solid original skins very correct . In addition to the Sonor was i…

  • Sonor Force 3005

    Sonor Force 3005 - drummer22's review


    Hello, I possceur This Sonor Force 3005 since September 2005. I ordered the German site for Thomann 1145, in other words that price level is not really a drumkit CHRE. I took color WLS is a white mat that is really superb, the finish is at the appo…

  • Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare

    Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare - BenoitBenoit's review


    I have 2 years Its sound is great, the color and finish nikel I would put a 9! …

  • Sonor double pedale grosse caisse

    Sonor double pedale grosse caisse - abyssum's review


    Overall average asser ... New, break-last two months of hard work to the rule in every sense, the answer is unclear, manufacturing quality and aesthetical in Revenge are not bad. A purchase that a good price to start ... If you turn to other pr…

  • Sonor Force 503

    Sonor Force 503 - Anonyme's review


    I have this drumkit for a year and I am proud trs. I am not a professional, I start there is only one, but I try as much drumkit DW, Tama, Pearl, and first. They taient serves better, but it has still a good "sound". My config. is 14 ", 12", 13 ", 16…

  • Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare

    Sonor Force 3003 Maple 14 x 5.5" Snare - le batteur fou tarés et plus encore's review


    Hi j have used this apeu near the six months then I share them. J I did not find any good sound too shrill and too much resonance j I try other models before choosing. What I find is too expensive And I never remake this choice …

  • Sonor Force 3003

    Sonor Force 3003 - prof cool's review


    I teach a SONOR 3003 for 2 years. My config is 10 ", 12", 13 ", 16" and 22 "bass drum. This drumkit is playing an average of 20 hours per week. I must admit that my forcment lves are not tender with her. In any case, it ages well. The bearin…