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Sabian Splash Cymbals user reviews

  • Sabian AA Splash 8"

    Sabian AA Splash 8" - moosers's review


    The Sabian AA Splash 8” is a mini cymbal that is designed to be played in the context of a full drum set. I’m not a drummer, but an as an audio engineer I’ve worked with all different types of drum sets and cymbals and have developed a pretty good e…

  • Sabian HHX Splash 10"

    Sabian HHX Splash 10" - Drummerguy's review


    This is a great cymbal with a very balanced sound. I've been playing one of these for about 6 years now- I actually won it as a door prize at a convention and couldn't have been more pleased. This is a great splash cymbal- it has a very fast attack…

  • Sabian Signature Max Splash 7"

    Sabian Signature Max Splash 7" - "Sabian Sabian MAX Splash 7""


    I recieved this for christmas through I believe it cost around $41. I always like adding splash cymbals. Punchy-quick sound, melodic. I would say it has a glassy sound, very quick decay. It is an interesting sound, being an…

Translated user reviews
  • Sabian B8 Pro Splash 6"

    Sabian B8 Pro Splash 6" - " Bad, but not expensive"


    I chose this splash only for its low price and because the splash 6 "cheap it does not coursing the streets, otherwise I would type in the range 2002 paiste. Honest with short manufacturing to low-end . As against its level is not tip top, it sounds …

  • Sabian AAX Splash 8"

    Sabian AAX Splash 8" - " Own!"


    Its clean and "surgical" honest solidity, but beware this is not a RUDE, so needless to slug it out like a beast! …

  • Sabian AA Metal X Splash 10"

    Sabian AA Metal X Splash 10" - samara's review


    One of my first splash. Who says Sabian said good sound in general, and this splash does not break the rule. Although a metal series, the sound is warm enough and not so aggressive as here, then it's a splash, so for me it only serves to put the acce…

  • Sabian AA Splash 10''

    Sabian AA Splash 10'' - " Jolijoli"


    How long have you use it? For 5 or 6 months. What is the particular feature you like best and least? Plus: Good sound, short, sharp, round. The least: volume not assé strong, very soft cymbal (it is already returned three times). Have yo…

  • Sabian HHX Splash 12"

    Sabian HHX Splash 12" - " Sound great character!"


    I used to do a lot of metal. Perfect to put well-chosen accents. Perhaps the best model for the HHX series! Since I replay the rock, I am separated, but the memory of this cymbal with a short blast was just perfect. The gross appearance (specific…

  • Sabian Signature Max Splash 7"

    Sabian Signature Max Splash 7" - " Indestructible"


    A sharp sound that emerges even through two extreme saturated guitars and a singer who screams like a pig for slaughter. Both powerful and accurate, it is truly a formidable cymbal for all kinds of stress, especially with the snare. I hammered …

  • Sabian AA China Splash 10"

    Sabian AA China Splash 10" - " Excellent small cymbal"


    Small cymbals that I used for 6 months for a particular project. The project was aborted, I have for sale. She did not disappoint but I prefer to buy more splash to expand the sound track of my set! Overall, it's good. Sustain relatively short …